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Through a Window - Paint Explosion!

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That sounds like a wonderful thing to do, Edie! I had never heard of that. I would have LOVED to have done that. I am so glad this brought back that memory!


Still catching up on my bookmarks but just wanted to pop in and say that this picture reminds me of when I was a kid we used to go down to the CNE and for one ticket you could drop paint on a spinning 8'x10' white board and it would make the most beautiful designs.(If you were lucky). Then they would put it in a little cardboard frame for you to take home. Not sure I ever made any that looked this good but it sure brought back the memory. Thanks

WOW !!! I'm just finding this one now, 2 days late....soooo beautiful and thank you for the blue.
Jan, just love your creation.....Janine.


Hanne - Thank you so much!! You've encouraged me all along and I appreciate it!

Dondi - If you ever want to solve a puzzle in a different size, just let me know and I'll try to make it. Thank you for the compliment. Some day, I will see about doing that very thing. Having a small grouping on the wall would be fun!


"Great* colors. If this were bigger, so we could see more detail, I'd hang it on a wall. Attention attractor, conversation starter, or just something to get lost in.


Very effective!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Kirsten - I'm tempted to say, "Ditto!" But the people who don't know us might not understand! So, Thank you very much! I'm glad you had fun!


Well, Rosie, I am speechless! (It's a very rare thing!!) What a wonderful description. It makes me smile both inside and out that you described this puzzle in such a glorious way. thank you so very, very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!


Oh, I LOVE Rosie's description!! So I'm saying "what she said"! LOL. Thanks Jan. And Rosie!! :)))


I see stained glass and swirly-dirlies, and storm-tossed waters and joy, and laughter and fun.. All framed by a beautiful black satin frame. What a stupendous puzzle!! I'm not revealing my time. I got lost in the colors.


Pat - Thank you so very much! It was fun to try so many multiple effects! Overkill - - maybe? LOL

Francine - CONGRATULATIONS! (I know how you feel!) And thank you so much! :)


This is great, Jan. I also see butterfly-wing patterns (Pat's stained glass). Fun too. Thanks. (1:58) :))
...hee-hee I have never, ever, beat Pat's time!!


Wow, that was amazing! Love the way parts of it look like swirls, and parts like the pieces in a stained glass window! :-))) (2:09)


Thanks, Hester. I'm still laughing at your comments! LOL

Pj - Thank you. No walls or carpets were harmed in the making of this puzzle! Thank goodness!


Jan - so stunningly marvelous, great idea. Hopefully it's all digital - or you need to redecorate the whole room, I could just imagine the paint splash about..... :-)))


This definitely has a Dr Who aura about it! I can practically feel it morphing and zorbing to that spooky music ! Top puzzle, Jan! :-)


Thank you, Katie! :D


Bravo Jan! This one is stunninly gorgeous!


Ardy - Thank you so much. I've always loved the word vibrant. So glad you are enjoying this "spot!"

JC - Thanks so much. I see that you had a lot of fun surprises for me on Write a Caption! I'm still laughing!

Michelle - Yes, it is fun and I do get a bit carried away. But, if it's colorful, I can't resist! (It's my lunatic brother who is the paintballer!)


Very pretty! (2:46) So, are you playing with your new toy Jan? Lots of lovely colour this morning but don't shoot that paintball gun at me, okay? I'll just stay safe on the other side of the window.


Welcome back!
Nice, Jan! Looks like the opening moments of a Dr Who episode!
I Just got off the phone with Susan. She is still waiting for the baby to be born.


So this is what created all the paint spots on my computer! Thanks, Jan. I like this. The colors are vibrant. Like the window frame as well. I'm enjoying this spot on your profiles.