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A Cactus

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in a hanging basket in my friend's garden ...
North Vancouver, Canada


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Thank you Li! Yes, I have a Christmas cactus too.
: )


Beautiful cactus, Cathy. It reminds me of our Christmas cactus, but this one's more showy than those are.


Thank you Dave!! That's it exactly!!!!! And my friend often starts little ones from pieces of the parent. And yes, I clicked on the link to the mother plant too ... gorgeous!!!! Thanks again for the research!


Its worth it to click on the link to the mother plant, if you go at all!


Here ya go, Cathy:


Thank you Rob and Ank. I like all the names that have been given to this one!! But my personal favourite is Red Orchid Cactus. So that is probably the one I will remember. : ))))


Someone stole my comment again. I said that you best believe Agnes, she knows all about it. Hugs.


I'm pretty sure this is a Zygocactus Cathy. My neighbour has it in several colours. The Nursery trade here in OZ gave it another longer name - but I can't remember it!!!
Beautiful photo - by the way!! Thanks.


Dekuji Agnes!!!
Znáte jména mnoha rostlinách !!
You know the names of many plants !!

Hi Dave! What a nice nickname ' Red Orchid Cactus' !! Thank you for your note and for confirming Anezka's information.

Thank you Floyd! Yes, it is a beautiful hanging basket and blooms for a LONG time!!

Hi Sladjana!! Nice to meet you !!! : ))))
You are right. That is a funny nickname!! Thank you for telling us !!

Thank you Lorna! I'm glad you like this plant! It looks like it would be right at home in Alberobello, Italy!


It is a beautiful and quite dramatic looking cactus!


In Serbia we have a very strange (funny) name for this kind of Cactus-"Mother in law's tongue" :)


Beautiful cactus Cathy. Great to see.


It sure looks like a Red Orchid Cactus and its beautiful. It sure makes a great hanging basket and there are many hybrids. Aha..anezka is right!(below)


EPIPHYLLUM ackermanii


Thank you Suzy!! Yes, it's a gorgeous plant.

Patsyanne, I just left my friend a message asking for the name. So I'll let you all know as soon as I have her reply.

Hi Jim. Yes, they do !! : ) But it winters indoors.
Oh wow! I bet you both had a wonderful meal !! And maybe you took a few more pictures in Joplin while you were there !?!


And even cactus blooms in Canada! Thanks, Cathy!

I took Susan to Joplin and we ate at Red Lobster. Delicious! Her sister, Leenielou got her gift cards for her Birthday and we used them today! YUM!


This one has lots of nice buds on it-I think it will be quite beautiful when in full bloom!


Thank you Denise!! Yes, the flowers are quite big ... about 8 cm (3 inches) across. Hug!


Very nice cathy :-) Its amazing what comes out of a cactus:-)HUGS


You're welcome patsyanne. No, sorry I don't know the name. : )

Do you know the name of this cactus? I have one hanging in my kitchen window in bloom like this and have no idea what it is. Thanks for the pic.