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out my back window Jan.15, 2013

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jc, I will put the kettle on, would you like pie with that?


i love hot coco sweetie!


Suzy, always a delight to have you stop by.

Jc, get down off your horse and stay a while, I have hot coco.

donnalf, when you get to YNP plan on a long stay as there is lots to do.

pg, digital is even better with an airbrush....

tweegan2, the muted tones is from the dark snowy sky and taking photo's through a dirty window. The birds would not come by if I was outside, only if I was inside where they could not see me. And yes I have since washed that window.


Pilley - the muted tones & expressiveness you captured - wow! thanks for sharing.


Great photo Pilley and that is the great thing about digital you can use all the film you want and never pay for developing.

Hi Pilley, my dream vacation is to go to Yellowstone some day. Now that we are retired maybe we will make it out there....LOL. We live in North West part of New Jersey and expecting a little snow tonight.




Such a wonderful pair! Your 200 attempts at capturing this picture...well worth it from my end!


Thanks for the nice compliment donnalf. We live in Blackfoot, Idaho, USA; SE corner of the state, about 100 miles south of Yellowstone Park. Loved your killdear bird photo, I have a dozen photo's of ones that I took in S. Dakota and here in Idaho. Have some cute ones of the bird eggs in the pebbles. We do a lot of RV camping and they seem to like the campgrounds we stay in.

Thanks for the info Pilley, you do take beautiful pictures. Where do you live that it is 17 below......brrr. Thanks for the pics too.


Love my digital camera, took over 200 photos of birds the past couple of days and can delete all the blurred ones and keep only 5-6 of the good ones. I was supprised to see these were Robins, there were a flock of 80-100 here, thought they had all gone south (they should have, we were down to -17*F last night ~ better today up to +17*F right now).

gnt, alway enjoy you stopping by.

sisterJ, glad to see you again.

donnalf, I am learning PhotoShop 7.0, for the past way toooo many years and love playing with the filters.

Ank, give Micky a hug and rub for me.

Michelle, lucked out on the photo and went back to the glass filter, what fun.

Lorna, give your puppy an extra long run and a pet, thanks for skiing in today.


Fantastic photo, love it!


How wonderful, Kathy! Look at how much expression that you've managed to capture in their little faces! Your frame choice is very complementary too!


brilliant. love this.

Tell them they should have gone south for the winter.....LOL. Love your pictures. How do you put those frames around your pictures?

Beautiful couple in an idyllic location. Well done, Pilley.


Beautifull Pilley :-)


nice one pilley