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Hey there Fodus! I've never seen snails this big before either! I love their colors too, thanks so much for your comment, have a wonderful day! ;-))))


These are bigger than any I've ever seen.


Hi everyone, sorry it took me so long to get back to you as we've had company the last few days and couldn't break away to play on jigidi! I too have never seen such pretty colored snails, that's why I felt I just had to post these little beauties! Thanks ever so much for all of your wonderful comments! Have a super duper week everyone! :-DDD

I'm slow today, Monica, but those snails look like they escaped from an Easter basket. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Monica. This is great! I have several snail figurines, mostly for use in my plants. But none are as pretty as these. I didn't know land snails had such pretty colors. Thanks for showing these..................


I've never seen these coloured snails before. Ever so pretty. They do no look so ughy! Makes a great difference...greetings from gibraltar


Hey there Gene, aren't they just so pretty, we don't get them in these colors here in Vegas! Just the yucky plain brown ones! Thanks for commenting my good jigidi friend, and have a wonderful weekend!


very nice snails Monica :))


Sandy- Good morning/evening to you too my friend! I love the colors of these snails, I didn't realize that snails came in so many pretty colors! Thanks and big hugs right back atcha! :)))

Adrianna- I think your friends students will love this pic as they are sooooo pretty and colorful, thanks so much for dropping by!...Big hugs to you too! :DDD

Canoekaw- I'm so very happy that I was able to bring back a lovely memory for you, thanks for sharing that memory with me! :-)))

Jack- Thanks so much my friend for dropping by, I'm glad you like this pic! ':-D


love the colors!


Oh, this reminds of me of my mother finding snails when we lived in Puerto Rico. They were so pretty!


So nice these snails i wil send them to a friend, She shows them to the kids at scool. hugggg


Good morning Monica. Pretty snails this morning. Hope you will have a wonderful day. Big hug. Sandy