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Keros island, Koufonisia - Greece

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Keros is a rocky island belonging to the Koufonisia group in the Cyclades. Rugged and uninhabited, Keros is nowadays shunned even by a ferry route that serves the more remote areas of the surrounding islands. Thanks to work carried out in recent years by British and Greek archaeologists, it now appears that 4,500 years ago Keros was at the very center of maritime life in the Aegean. Over the years, a number of intriguing finds began surfacing on the antiquities market, among them were broken pieces of marble female figurines, of the type sometimes found in prehistoric graves excavated on the Cyclades.

The photo shows part of recent excavations. If you are interested in recent finds look here :
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Thanks Jillian for the visit. The thing is that excavations are still one, revealing that even tiny islands like the koufonisia were much appreciated in antiquity.


Hi Janet. I've visited Koufonisia when I was a university student for a short holiday. My friends and I slept at the beach in sleeping bags and had a lovely time living like "savages". Everything is nice, free and easy when you are young. Sleeping at beaches and free camping are forbidden nowadays, it is dangerous, anything can happen to people who take the risk. What I still remember is a feeling of absolute freedom to do what I liked plus a very bad sunburn.


Fascinating history, thanks for sharing it Marina


Beautiful thanks Marina, when I was young I would have loved to visit your country. Hugs to you. ♥

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