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Hand Drawn Pie (Medium)

156 pieces
324 solves
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My drawing with a compass inevitably resulted in the pencil point breaking, or my unconsciously and inadvertently opening the angle a bit as I drew, so that the two ends of the line didn't touch... If you look, you'll see that the lines don't all quite meet in the center, but the outer circle is computer drawn, so at least that's okay! Thanks, Norma! :-)))


Never could draw this well by hand (or even with a compass...)--my artistic talent is in the negative (except for cross-stitching)---thanks for sharing!!


I don't think one of my puzzles has ever been called wonky before! Cool!!!!!


Wonky and fun. Thanks!


Thanks, whatnauts! :-)))


This is great, PD. Cool idea :)) (12:01)


Thanks, Mandy--when one doesn't know how to use anything else besides Paint and Lunapic, one REALLY tries to wring everything possible out of the darn things! :-)))


I love what you can do with Paint Pat - this is wonderful, and it was great fun to solve too - many thanks :~))


Thanks so much, nanamania and Willy--I'm glad that you don't mind my wobbly lines! All I did was draw 8 "straight" (LOL!) lines intersecting (sort of!) in the center, then draw a circle (thanks Paint, for making that, at least, really a circle!), then color it in. I like to think of it as the Grandma Moses/folk art style, where naive and primitive aren't bad things...! :-)))


Great Pat, I was trying that a few days ago, but when I was scanning the all thing in I was lost a few lines so I must work the next time better,
Willy. :-))

gotta luv the crooked lines!!