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A Different Slant..... (S)

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Thank you, snooker.... Good to have you back.... :) :)

A little late getting here but it was worth it. Love the purple squares and also the blue, shiny ones. Lovely creation.


Thank you for the lovely compliment PJ, you are very sweet to say so... :) :)


Thank you, Patti.... :) :)


Goodness Sally - it is gorgeous, fantastic and adorable. The design is stunning and exquisite. You have made a digital masterpiece :-)


Wonderful! Thanks, Sally!


Thanks for the info, Michelle.... :) :)
Thank you, Kirsten.... I was pretty pleased with this one too... Got a combination of layer styles that had some oomph to them.... :) :)
I apologize, oddio, maybe if you had a watering can with you it would help... Just be careful not to short out your computer.... :) :)
Thank you, Rosie... There's a lot of free on line image manipulation programs... Lunapic, Sumopaint, Pixlr... Just pull a photo in and have a play.... Really is good fun... A lot of the pay for programs let you have a 30 day free trail, which is good.... Free time to see if you like it or not..... Give it a go, mate..... :) :)
My dear Mimi, you are a treasure all the time... Thanks mucho.... :) :)
Thank you Whattie.... Your two favorites are a couple of my favorite layer styles... I wonder how an all purple puzzle would go over.... Hmmmm... I'll have a think on it....


Wow, this puzzle has so much going on. I absolutely love the dark purple squares (big surprise!!!), and also the pinky-green-yellow squares.


Terrific my dear, all gorgeous and all fun!


All I can say is WOW! I didn't even notice the flowers in the background until I finished it and just stared at it for a while. The purple squares are most outstanding and the blended, sparkly ones are my next faves. Thanks for a great puzzle and an explanation that was a new language to me.


Very inventive, Sally. (Took me long enough the flowers were wilting.)


Wowser! Those textures are amazing Sally. The gold and blue shiny buttons are fabulous! Thanks very much. :)))


If you use something like PerfectEffects (external automation tool), it returns all the layers that you create in it back into a single layer in Elements. I now keep notepad open and list the FE effects and then copy over to a blank layer within Elements. Since I'm saving my working copies as psd layers (finally clued in to that!!), it's no prob to have a text layer right where you'd look for it. (If you have Snagit, you can do a screen capture and paste it in a blank layer too...helpful if you start tweaking the standard values...and if you end up with a dozen effects...;-D)


Michelle, my dear, you do have a way with words.... I agree...There is so much to learn... Some of these techniques are pretty complex... Takes me many times with notes and then two weeks later I have to go back to the notes, if I can find them... Way good fun though.... Naming your layers sounds like a very good idea.... Thank you.... :) :)


What a sweet compliment, Laura ... Thank you so much... :) :)


Funkalicious! This looks so cool...every time I turn around, there is just so much more out there to learn! Great complementary those blue shinies! ;-D


I just stared at it for awhile after completing it. It's gorgeous.


Thank you, Shirley... This one did take some time.... I learned a lot more about layers ... Now, if I can just remember what I learned... I wanted a slant without just drawing lines and still be able to work the background last... The purple and blue squares are my favorites too.... :) :)


Thank you Diane... I had fun creating this one... Glad you enjoyed the variety of shapes and colors... :) :)


Wow, a double slant at that, you've been working very hard my dear,lots of layers, I love the purple textured squares and the shiny blue ones, very very nice, Thanks Sally. :):)

Wow was this exciting. So many different shapes and designs.Cool colors.DIANE