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Twelve Kaleidoscopes

48 pieces
101 solves
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Roerick, I see you found the remake of the one that you liked.

Gaillou, yep they are some that have been stashed in files from here and there :-)

Sparkles, you are more than welcome :-)

Kirsten, thank YOU for doing them and I am so glad that you enjoyed and liked them!!!! :-)


Oooh, there's some beauties in there Kathy!! Love the far right and it's neighbour in the second row, and the bottom row, second from the right. Gorgeous ones!! Thanks so much. :)))


Lots of pretty Kaleidoscopes here, thanks for the fun puzzle Hummingbird!


This is so nice. I detect some Christmasy motifs among them. Thank you for a wonderful puzzle.


I remember most of the kaleidoscopes in this puzzle but not the top right corner. I would have remembered that one because it has lots of red in it--my favorite color. Did you post it as a single?