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Smorgasbord! Something for everyone! (small)

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Title courtesy of 2dogs7cats. Thanks, Edie!


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Thanks so much, Pat. You will be seeing more of these to come. And, now I have a name for some of them! ;)


Definitely one of my all time favorites! I love smorgasbords, especially the rare ones, like this, where every single dish is a masterpiece of culinary perfection! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!


JC - You will see yours later!

Hester - There you go with the calories! Step AWAY from the sugar!! (thanks, :D)

Katie - Thanks so much! You are so very welcome!


Hi Jan, a terrific puzzle. Edie got the name just right! It's quite an eclectic group of kaleidos. Thanks for the fun!


Yum, Yum! I'm dipping into multi coloured jellies and canapes! What could be better? ;-)) Thanks Jan!


Smorgasbord is much better! Love it!


JC - I LIKE that one! Do not be surprised it you see it down the road! Thanks!


Good one, Jan! Don't know if I can help with a title.
I had an incredible dream last night, solving something really important! When I awoke again this morning, couldn't remember anything about it except how great it was! LOL!
Title idea: I had too much to dream last night!
That's the best I can do with this old brain.


I am so glad you did! And, I got a title! THANKS so much!


Knew I'd like it and I did. Great variety in this one. Maybe you should call it Smorgasbord. Something for everyone. Thanks


Odd shaped kaleidos. I'm starting now. They look great.