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Unknown purpose

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These were bolted to the sidewalk in several places in Downtown Cape Girardeau, MO.


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How about you either call their town hall or ask a business owner the next time you pass through. But make sure you remember to let the rest of us know too!!! LOL


EEEEK!....This is an alien transmitter!.......I hope you didn't say anything you shouldn't have..........


I would assume that since Cape Girardeau is located approximately 175 miles south of St. Louis and on the Mississippi, that this is probably an art sculpture of a ship's wheel framed in a steel band. Or - - - - - it's a contraption for holding 4 bolts in concrete.


It could be pop art.

I am savoring this moment - for probably five seconds, I have the fastest time!!!!! In five minutes I will probably not even be on the board. Thanks Jim for an interesting mystery puzzle.


Thanks, Wester. I can't think of another purpose!

Bike lock stands?