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Illinois River Above Flood Stage

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The Illinois River was more than 3 feet above flood stage in the town of Meredosia as of 6 pm tonight and is expected to crest at 12 1/2 feet above flood stage next Saturday, according to the National Weather Service in Lincoln, IL.


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Thank you, everyone who took the time to comment. I appreciate you all!


Reminds me of a few times in Texas when the rivers gained a few dozen feet and were at the top of trees. No place to run and no place to hide. Lets all hope the people can save their places. Water in the house is just the worst thing to have happen to you. Always a mess.


Wow that is how the Grand river is like here in Ontario


Wow! let's hope it goes down before it causes any damage! Keep safe Laura


I guess the drought is over!!!!!

Good set, lj. Can imagine another 9 1/2' higher on this tree.


Thanks lauraj for the posts and You take care and I feel for all involved in a flood area


I like the picture, with the tree showcased, LJ, but I'm sorry for the flooding. Thanks for letting us know bout your plight.


Be safe. Thanks for all you do.


Floods are terrible ... great picture thanks Laura...


We hope for all the best and no flooding damages.


You learn something new everyday. i did not realize that that the Illinois river turned that far south. I thought that it went into the Mississippi much sooner. Won't be good when all the water hits the Mississippi.

All the best to everyone dealing with the flood waters. Its been a difficult week.


Roseheather...I am afraid we haven't seen anything yet. The waters have only begun to rise downstate. Aww..the precious one in her pink mitties. Thank you for sharing all that's going on. Please stay safe, my friend.


Oh, my, Laurajane. This is a dramatic picture. I feel sorry for those battling the rising waters.

Grand Rapids, MI, the city over an hour NW of where I live, has put out the call for volunteers again tomorrow to fill sandbags. The very full Grand River has impacted ground water so that a number of big structures in downtown Grand Rapids now have water seeping into their basements. It has taken out power to at least one of the structures. They reported on the news about firefighters climbing 30 stories, to help a woman down using a chair. The elevators were not working because there was no power. Unfortunately the water being pumped out is going back into the Grand. Seems counter productive. The Grand is a feeder for Lake Michigan and the weather chief reported that Lk MI has already gained significant inches. There was concern about some of the coastal towns in MI losing tourism because of the low levels of the Great Lakes.

They also had footage of the volunteers filling sand bags and one little helper, in her pink mittens, was bringing a hands full of sand to a bag. What a dear sight.