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Fireworks #4

49 pieces
65 solves
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This is a beautiful puzzle...It jumps out with the colors. Thanks Deborah


Hi Gail,
It is a nice feeling to be appreciated and get comments! I look for them all the time and enjoy them so much...and many times I don't get them. But I make my puzzles because I enjoy the challenge of it. I want to make an even better puzzle every time I make one. But if the joy is not in the making, you won't get it from the comments. I love the compliments...but it's not why I make puzzles.

All that being said, thank you so much for your compliments, dear Gail! Happy new Year to you!!!!


I have to admit I'm more like Kirsten in her thinking. One look at some of these puzzles and a person with no knowledge of how they're made can see that it takes time. These puzzles didn't just pop up out of nowhere. It's a nice feeling when someone appreciates your work, but an even nicer feeling when they say so. Having said that, this is a great set, Deborah. Happy New Year!


I agree Kirsten! But until you try to make one, you really have no idea how much work someone else puts into it. As the saying goes, "Walk another mile in someone else's shoes." That's not an exact quote, but close enough. Unfortunately, unless they try themselves, there are those who won't understand the work we put into making puzzles we hope they will enjoy. So be it...let's just enjoy the ART of making our puzzles!!! And give each other REALLY swelled heads!!!! LOL And thanks to all who do enjoy!


It's my pleasure!! And more people should let the puzzle-makers know how much they like the puzzle they just solved. It kills me when I see that 100 people have solved a puzzle, and there's no comment there to acknowledge the efforts of the puzzle maker. Manners, people! Manners!!!


You know Kirsten, if you keep giving me such nice compliments, my head will swell and I won't even be able to walk through doorways!! LOL Thank you!


Looks like you shot this one with "soft focus" Deborah! Beautiful colours. Thanks. :)))