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They sing, they dance, they are the party birds.

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I really don't know if I should wish them to be here!!! They sound like some kind of nuisance, really!! I do like that you talk their case, PG!! Nobody should be left without a defence!! Thanks so very much!


They are not poor misunderstood little birdies. They are a chain gang and are nothing but trouble.


You Ms Pumpkin are being reported to the National society for the advancement of Grackles. They are going to march down your road in front of your house and leave a gift on you porch.


Grackles be GONE!!!!
Thanks for the support, oddio!


Walter she is the great communicator when she can see who she is talking to.


Okay, I spent a good 15 to 20 seconds thinking it over, PG. Punkinhaid said it for me.... !


They are so misunderstood these young men. All they want is a little fun in their lives, and you all do not completely understand their wants and likes. If you all spent a little more time trying to understand them, I believe they in turn would not be so willing to raid your bird feeders as they do. Now let us all try a little harder in 2013, to understand, just a little bit of what the other guy is trying to get across.


Well I have to give them some credit as they are so noisey can't take them to long LOL


They sure are pretty close up like this PG, have not seen them on Cape Breton, but the Blue Jays can sure destroy a bird feeder quick! Thanks mate.


Grackles do not "sing", PG. They make nasty noises. They party at feeders at the expense of all of the other party goers. A nice picture of some of my not favorite birds.


They were part of the Grackle-shop-quartet Healer.


They sound very entertaining photogent.


They usually come with the red-winged blackbirds and the starlings! And you are right lj, they devour it in no time.


They do consume a lot of seed. We only have them in the summer here.


These guys chuck down the bird seed almost as fast as the starlings. They hog and chase the little guys away.


They are LJ and they were having a grand time on the rail.


These look like grackles, with their beady, yellow eyes.