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Ambleside Beach, West Vancouver

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Hi puzzeljac. Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you liked the picture.

Hi katzmum. I'll bring a picnic lunch and meet you there!


One day, I will walk on that beach-fingers crossed!!!


Brrr, swimming!!! But a lovely picture.


Yes, it was too cold to swim that day but I guess no one told him that. The water is cold on hot summer days but lots of people swim here. Jericho Beach is over on the Vancouver side of the Inlet. When the tide is out you can walk far out on the sand. When the tide is in, it makes a huge sandy, shallow warm place to swim. Beautiful but very crowded on nice days.


Swimming? Isn't it too cold to be swimming this time of the year? Actually, I would think that the water would be too cold anytime!


You can see two people in a kayak in the water and a seaplane way up at the top left of the sky. One man was swimming but we can't see him in this picture.