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Saxaphone House, Orinda, CA

63 pieces
103 solves
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JC - there you go, lowering the level again! I'd tell Susan, but I hear her snickering in the corner!

Joyce - don't encourage him!!! Wouldn't it be fun if they had a whole music themed house street!?

Hester - doesn't take much to get you to go there, does it? LOL I think it is quite interesting! I want to know what's inside of those pieces! And, the house behind it looks like it's got character, too! Thanks.


Oh, well said, Jim ( smutty little snigger from me!! )
An amazing creation and strangely, I like it! Thanks, Jan :-))


LOL VERY funny Jim!!! LOL
Great building to go with the my piano house Jan!!! :)))))


To be considerate of the neighbors, no Loud Sax after 10 pm! LOL!