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There you are Mi' Mamacita'! I wish we had wonderful sounds like owls and other night critters to fall asleep to at night, unfortunately we don't have those kinds of animals, not even crickets! You make it all sound soooo wondrous! Wouldn't it be grand to have something like this in our yards, that way we wouldn't have to worry about those two-legged or four-legged oh and the leg-less (can't forget about those) varmints ever bothering us! L.O.L. Ohhhhhh how I miss sleeping under the stars and listening to the night sounds, I used to do that all the time when I lived in Georgia and Texas! I would give just about anything to live in a place like that again! Oh well, this is where my husband says we'll stay so I guess I should get my head out of the clouds and just learn to be happy where I am! :( It's getting much warmer out here as the weeks go by, it will be Summer before we know it, and I'm just not looking forward to it! Ever since I got sick with this muscle disorder called Fibromyalgia '13 years ago' Summer has NOT been my friend! To think I used to be a Summer baby, couldn't get enough of the sun, and now I can't stand to be out in it at all! Oh, I'm so sorry, you don't need to hear about my woes, so I'll stop now! I'm going to think happy, happy, happy thoughts now! It was soooo great to hear from you again I sure hope you've posted some new pics cause I'm coming to visit you next! Have a wonderful week Mamacita' thanks so much!...Lots of Hugs!


I'd love this! I have slept outside many times in the past---as long as I felt safe from varmints with two legs as well as four legs & leg-less! Now I would sleep in my (unscreened)front porch swing if it was only long enough! Even so, I've dozed off in it many a middle-of-the-night while listening to the owls & other night critters. It's wonderful! Thanks, Chica...........


Hello there fodus! A bed outside? Wow, never seen that before! That would feel weird to me, sleeping on a bed outside! But I guess it's no different than sleeping outside on a sleeping bag in a tent or inside a tree house! Thanks so much fodus, for commenting on this pic, hope you have a wonderful day! :-DDD


I've seen a bed outside with a netting all around it. And visitors sleep out there, too.


Hi there Patricia! I think so too, if I had the space I would build one of these myself! Thanks so much for commenting, have a wonderful week my friend I'll see ya soon when I get to your puzzles! :-DDD


What a great idea. For both the children and the adults..


Thank you so very much Joyfulli, Laura, Pink, Gene and Adrianna for your wonderful comments, I'm very happy that you all liked this pic!!!...Hugs for all of you!!!




Such a great idea Monica this takes the cake LOL


What a happy spot!


How unusual. I have never seen this before.


Very pretty setting!


You are quite welcome Bizarra! Thanks! :)))


Beautiful, I can imagine many kids enjoying this beauty!! thanks for sharing