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Thank you Jiggy . . . :D)

Thanks for the link Gail . . . it certainly shows up those double standards again . . . ;D)


On second thought, perhaps you should consider adding another spigot. Hmmm, that came out wrong... !!!

Omigod - nekked babies! Shouldn't that puzzle be filtered?


Hester and Trouble - Thanks for the support. The only reason I made a comment at all was this:
It seems like we've had a lot of negativity on Jigidi lately and I, for one, wish we could return to the happy feelings that used to be all-pervasive. I'm here for the fun and friendship and I think most people would agree with me!
T & F - I LOVE your puzzles!


Thank you Jan . . . I admire you for being open and honest and I can fully understand your opinion . . . :D)
I would like to point out to everyone that the choice of picture was not down to this gentleman's size . . . I know this may sound wierd but I honestly didn't give his weight a second thought. When I came across this image it was the expression on his face and his stance that immediately made me think of the caption . . . I did contemplate adding "or else" but thought that might look a little aggressive . . . lol


Jan, sweetie, I don't think it's his size that makes this amusing to some of us, (well, me anyway )but more the zombie-esk, attitude! I'm not laughing at his fattiness, more the thought of being hugged by a human version of a huge,dumb, soggy doggy. Boy, I should know about that!! ( SOWWY Freddy! ) :-D


Speaking as a former fatty, I would not find this as funny as many would. However, by the Jigidi rules, it does not require a "filter." Many people would find it funny and 90 people chose to solve it.
My choice was to not solve the puzzle and to move on to the next one. We all have different tastes, after all. And Trouble knows I support her puzzle-making completely!

And NO, do not turn off the tap! :D


Thanks for the link Gail . . . I've added my twopennuth . . . :D)

I'm sorry you were disappointed . . . would it help if I turned the tap (faucet) off? lol

The trolls are really out in force....


I've looked and looked and can't find anything to look at anymore. Darn, I was hoping to see something so I too could be offended. Try and do better next time, Trouble.


Thank you Hester . . . :D)

I am so pleased that there are other like-minded people who enjoy a bit of harmless fun with a little sauce on the side . . . ;D)

Sorry about the eyeballs Faye . . . give 'em time . . . :D)


EXACTLY, o feisty one!........


Not totally correct, Hester. My eyeballs still haven't recovered! LOL


Calleycat and Redbird, If you happen to check back here, the answer is simple ".Look away Martha" and leave the rest of us harmless funsters to our shared giggles. You have the democratic right to choose another site and not condemn others. No human was harmed in the making or sharing of this puzzle.
Rock on, Sue!


Thank you all for your support . . . :D)

I am unable to post another picture at the moment as I have used up all my posting slots . . . there will be another posting available in about an hour or so . . . sorry . . . :-(


have no problem with it.


I'm glad you're not discouraged by the comments you've been getting lately. You don't deserve it. Keep up the good work!


lol . . . I'm afraid I don't have it any more ' Church_Lady' but if you zoom in on his left kneecap you might just be able to make it out on the tattoo . . . don't be misled by the CND 'tat' on his right upper thigh though . . . ;D)




You wouldn't happen to have his phone number would you?


Thank you Pat . . . I even went back to the original photo so that I could zoom in on the 'offending area' and couldn't decide . . . lol
I can, however, confirm that there is definitely nothing untoward to be seen . . . :D)
So sorry . . . here's me being ordered to clean up my act and what happens? I spend several minutes scrutinising a large guy's crotch on zoom to see whether he is going commando or not . . . lol


I really thought those lines were from a string bikini, but I guess they're from rolls of fat...! But, whether it's water or cloth, it certainly obscures what needs to be obscured, and that's what counts! Hee Hee Hee...!


Thank you for your support Lela . . . :D)


The Trolls have nothing better to do again!........


Oh dear . . . I appear to have upset a couple of people here.
I am intrigued by your comment 'calleycat2' you say this is not the first of my puzzles to have offended you . . . which others have you found offensive? As for 'cleaning up my act' . . . perhaps I ought to jump into the waterfall with him with my soap-on-a-rope and loofah . . . lol

Thank you for your support girls . . . lol


Actually, He's not wearing anything but the water is so well placed that you can't see anything rude anyway...Trouble_and_Frog can't help it if some peoples fantasies run away with them! :D lol


Ewwwwwww... I'm gonna have nightmares, Froggie. Hee hee hee


What is offensive about this? He's wearing a bikini, and he looks like a wrestler!


Not the first one that offended me. Clean up your act!


It's just a bit of fun Redbird . . . I am sorry if it offended you.