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Fawns - Thread count embroidery

35 pieces
78 solves
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Thanks Kirsten. I'm glad you came over and put another star on the board. The fineness of the weave of the material with which one works on these is the reason I no longer do it. Even with a magnifying glass I can't see the threads clearly enough for it to be enjoyable any more. When I was much younger I was as addicted to this type of embroidery as I am now to Jigidi. Thanks again for your encouragement! LOL


Just had to do it Ardy, to see the detail. I'm in awe at your ability to do such fine work. I just don't think I would have the patience. I think I like quicker gratification! LOL. Thanks for sharing your lovely work with us. :)))


Thank you, Pat. And look at your time - only 1 second out of first place. You are fast. Thanks again. Have a a great day. Hugs.


Beautiful piece. You do gorgeous work thanks for sharing. Hugs


Thanks, Ank. The designer is the artist. I just put her design which is on graph paper onto material. For me it's a lot more fun than the embroidery where the design is printed on the material. This one was designed by Clara Weaver whose shop was in Copenhagen. That's where I ordered the patterns from.


This one is very sweet, love it. You're an artist.


Thanks, Dagmar. And look where you are on the leader board. Love it. Actually I prefer nature to buildings as well. I don't remember doing hardly any buildings except for the Bicentennial bell pull.. I did that one for the historic significance. Shop signs from Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is coming up soon with information from Hanne..


This is my favourite one up to now and I suppose it was difficult to make with all these shades of brown and green, but I love it, I very much prefer nature to buildings, but that is just a personal feeling.:)) The two fawns surronded by all the plants and flowers are just lovely. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Jan, Knock me off the board anytime. I'd rather have you there especially since you are likely to stay and I almost always slide off. This was one of the harder ones but so enjoyable. Thanks, Jan. I love having you visit. I made almost all of these for Helen. But I got to keep them when I bought the house.


Hanne, it was great fun as you know so well. Thanks for coming by.


Barb said it all! Ardy this is very lovely. I really like this sweet seen!
(I almost didn't do this puzzle because I didn't want to knock you off the board. but, I'm glad I did.....sorry)


It's more than lovely, what a nice time you must have had seeing them grow!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Thanks, Barb. Glad you enjoyed it.


What a beautiful puzzle, Ardy! Peaceful and calming. Lovely needlework! :-)