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Another view from the aquabus

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north side of False Creek, Vancouver, Canada.
March 31, 2013


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Hi Laurajane. Yes, people can walk, run, rollerblade or cycle the seawall and then sit and relax in the little green or sandy areas here and there.


What a lovely place the city dwellers have to get a little bit of nature!


Thank you Denise!! I'm glad you are along on this excursion too.

Thank you Jim. Yes, there is a lot of construction going on in and around Vancouver!! So you are having April showers too! OK so they are thunderstorms but they will still bring May flowers!!! I thought you posted a picture of a Vancouver sunrise but perhaps I was mistaken! ... :o)


Beautiful, Cathy! I heve seen building cranes in several of your pictures. Is there a lot of new building construction going on there?
I am on a break from mowing. The grass got pretty high very quickly with all the rain we have had and more thunderstorms are on the way. I am halfway through.
Loved your comment about my "Vancouver sunrise" this morning!


Nice modern buildings cathy, thank you very much:-))


Thank you Ank ! The two pictures I posted today fit side by side to make sort of a panorama. The tall building on the right of this picture is on the left of the other one. I know you tried to teach me how to merge two pictures but I still can't do it. ... :o(


Wow, another beauty. And everything is so blue. Love it. I did try to count the floors of the buildings, about 50. So high, a little scary.


Thank you Lorna. Yes, it was a beautiful day so the seawall promenade was busy!! I think it's a goose.


Nice view and I see plenty of folk enjoying the sunshine - and a big bird!