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Dr Jigidi's Uncommon Laboratory

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with a side of weirdness ☺


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LOL... and we are both as crazy as loons! But we're happy in our own little worlds :-)))


Bless you, Foxy one. A great scientific burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I shudder to think that my lack of vigilance could result in questionable results. Big sigh.

YOU, my friend, are the ONE OF A KIND!


Quite right to question! So would I but the terrible truth is that the puzzle creator knows that results are not expected. You can relax your vigilance, amiga :-)))

PS did I ever mention that you one of a kind? :-))


Pfffft. Dr. J can leave his detritus wherever; it only bothers me that DJ missed that class. A messy laboratory can have detrimental results in the final outcome. I am too tired of dealing with such tasks, and too old to be concerned. HOWEVER, I would stand up and question any results that come of this experiment.



Wow, what can I say? Obviously this comment was made by an articulate thinker of astounding erudition. One who knows and values the importance of picking up the floor! Such a person as this would be the ideal mentor to the slapdash, and in some respects poorly trained, Dr Jigidi. Would you take on this seemingly impossible task, dearest punkie? I have every confidence you would succeed where others have failed :-))



This must be the work of a scientist who is an abstract random learner. The teachers of this scientist encouraged him to work with others, yet think WAY out of the box to promote creativity. Although Dr. Jigidi does not seem to have a final product in mind for this "thing-a-ma-JIG", it is a piece which demonstrates how the mind works (or does NOT work). Any good scientist would pick up the floor to keep the laboratory clean.....but obviously, DJ missed the lesson on the importance of a clean lab.



Thanks, Patti. You give the loveliest comments :-))


LOL! Your puzzles make me smile, Chrissie! Thanks for this; it's wonderful!


It's like this, Ardy - I snuck in a hidden camera while the laboratory was under construction :-)
I wouldn't dream of going in there in person to take photos!


Thank you extra kindly, Francine :-) It's amazing what our imaginations can do!


Kirsten, you sell yourself short! I'm sure your imagination would create just as weird a lab as this! You never know until you let it fly :-) Go on, have a go!


Thanks, Shirley :-) You can thank Sally for the uncommon - I was going to make it crazy or mad LOL. Don't worry about that hook - it's a sky hook, mate! If it's taken away the sky falls in :-))


Amazing, Chrissie.l I'm surprised you were allowed to take photos and publish them. Your imagination is great. Thanks.


This is absolutely wonderful and I love your imagination. Thanks, Chrissie.


Now I know for sure that I will NEVER be able to make a puzzle like yours! Not enough contraptions in my puzzle-makin' laboratory! Thanks for the window into your secret laboratory, Chrissie! (❛ᴗ❛)


I'm so glad you said UNCOMMON in your title, Chrissie, LOL, It's scary to think this is the norm, that blue hook has me worried, glad there is no saw or hammer. ☺☺ Fun puzzle though, Thanks, Chrissie. :):)

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