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Hi Robbie and Lee, thank you. hope there are no gremlins today

The right center appeals to me..thanks so much.


Don't know what happened here June, I had 4 pieces to finish the puzzle, must have gotten distracted yesterday morning! This is gorgeous, like them all thanks.


Hi there, I think Sue Swan lives in Kent also. I live in Cumbria where all sorts of wild plants are growing that shouldn't be and the ferns are still green from last year

Hi Katie thanks a lot, I guess jigidi will have to be my garden now, off to bed now, have fun all

Lovely colours. Not much sign of Spring yet down here in Kent


I'll do my best to enjoy it enough for both of us June. I so appreciate having you at Jigidi!


Hi BillieR thank you so glad you liked them.

Katie, I so miss gardening and wandering about with Noggin finding little wild flowers, harebells, violets life is just a series of diminishing options. Hope you get a forsythia thay are such a pleasure in early spring


Forsythia is wonderful June! It's one of the things I want to find a place for in my little yard now that I'll have much more time for gardening. I'm SO looking forward to spring this year.

It was difficult to choose which square was my favorite, all were so beautiful.


always darkest before the dawn, another month should bring some things through. Two years ago we had such a good year for blackthorn it was just like snow on all of the hedges. We have small fields here in England divided up by hedges, in June it's the turn of the hawthorne and its lovely scent, but I'm not in that much of a hurry. End of next month we have Easter so look out for jigidi eggs all over the place


My goodness! what can I do? Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo.......which one will it be??? These are absolutely fantastic; I had forgotten than Spring was coming....the weather has been so like a fury lately; thanks, June for this wonderful reminder of the miracle that is Spring.


Hi Katie thanks. Ah spring! soon there will be catkins and crocuses, daffodils all the lovelies. My favourite part of spring is when the forsythia comes out it is so pretty and then I know the yearly miracle is underway. I have a big bush of it outside my window and one further down in the yard


Hi June, you certainly do delicate very well! These are so lovely. My favorites today are top and middle left. Thanks for the spring beauty!


Hi Joyce gail and Hanne thank you. See I can do delicate:) Wedgwood do have a pink which is very lovely. the family originate about a mile up the road from here


They are SOOO lovely, SOOO gentle, SOOO delicate, oh, how I love them!! Thanks so very much June!!


I love the flowery springtime feel to these, June. They are all gorgeous. I especially love the bottom center. It looks like a Wedgewood design but in dusty rose instead of the traditional blue.


I think the middle top & middle bottom are my favs today and then ALL the others. LOL Many thanks for these gorgeous designs that remind me of Spring & Easter June!! :)))
(time, 3:54)


Hi Ardy thank you, just checked and find that gollum has chosen middle left for this Friday


Hi June. I find something to favor in each of these today. I like the lacy Valentine-ish feel of the top middle. I enjoyed the mirror effect in the middle right. I like the springtimeness of the middle left. The bright sunshine of the middle square and the calm, gentle look of the top right are wonderful. The pinks and blues and purples of the bottom row are great. The crocheted look of the top left is beautiful. Just can't pick a favorite. Thanks, June, for a delightful puzzle.


Hi Kirsten and Barb thank you. I think I will go for middle left as usual.


Lovely set today, June! The middle right looks like a mirror. Favourite today would be the middle. :-)


Another one that's gonna make Ardy happy June. For me, I really like the top right. Thanks very much. :)))