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Slightly grumpy Socks!

80 pieces
86 solves
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Poor socks...doesn't even give the sun some compensation for that darn camera?:-)


She looks just like my Catman. Even the same grumpy face at times. Love these tuxedo cats, such personalities

She just doesn't like the camera! She's very happy at the moment as she has the 'best' spot on the sofa.


Oh no socks! What can I do to help? Would an ear rub get you out of your grump? Or maybe I could sneak out the feather on a stick (not a chance, Freya has a 6th sense about that toy) and you can vent your grump out on it? I have to say, though, you're very cute when you're grumpy!

Socks is adorable. Enjoyed the puzzle. Thanks, tigersox.