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Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands.

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On this picture you can clearly see how many canals there are.


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Thanks Monica and Cathy. Yes NL is small but bigger as a stamp. lol. Look at wikipedia for NL, and you will see that it is small. This is a great few of (a part of) Amsterdam. This is the centrum. Amsterdam is the biggest city of NL. There are 800,000 inhabitants. In NL are almost 17,000,000.


Great picture! Thank you Ank. I have never seen an aerial view of Amsterdam before. The canals are wonderful and all those beautiful little bridges !!!


This is amazing! I thought you said that Netherlands was small! This is absolutely huge! Wow, it's so beautiful!


Thanks Jan, DrJean and Suzy. I think it's a good photo. And I'm glad you like it.
Jan we use the watermap and don't forget, we have captain Micky. So we always find home. lol
DrJean, that's what I like somuch of Jigidi. There is always something to learn. People make nice puzzles and tell a lot about things. Just love it.
Suzy you like maps, this is a kind of. Now you can find your way in Amsterdam.


What a great ariel view of the canals! Thanks, Ank!

In addition to learning about people, places and things, the world over; Jigidi'ers are privy to occassional geography lessons. Nice!


I have heard of Up the Creek without a Paddle, but Up the Wrong Canal, you will never find your home.


Thanks Hanne, Patti, Pat and Jo. Yes this is a nice outline picture. And indeed it also shows how full NL is. Almost 17,000,000 people in this small country. In the west are the cities against each other. Only small green pieces are there between. I'm glad I don't live there anymore.


Wow!! Every inch of land is full!! That's a lot of people!! Very orderly laid out canals, just like city streets, which I guess they are, only for boats!! tee-hee! Thankyou for the visual explanation!! :)


Big city ... love it thanks Sis


Wow! interesting -- and impressive! Thanks, Ank!


It looks awfully funny indeed!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Thanks girls, that is why I posted this photo. You have to see it , to understand that there are so many canals. Well I told you before we often passed Amsterdam by boat. Then we sailed through the city. You see the big water up in the photo, now look to the very left, a canal comes from the city, to that big water, there we went. Then we took that big water to the right to leave Amsterdam.


Impressive view, and yes, the number of canals within the city surprised me!


Amazing photo Ank. wow. Some people call Amsterdam the Veinice of the North. I should like to think it's the other way around. Have a lovely day Ank:-) Hugs


Very interesting. Thanks for posting this view of the city.


Very nice, I like it, almost like canals on the Venice, thank you Ank :-))