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Ludwig von Hofmann, Reiter am Strand (c. 1890)

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Ludwig von Hofmann (1861–1945) was a German painter, graphic artist, and professor of art. He often painted nudes, both male and female. In 1937 some of his works were declared "degenerate art" (a term applied by the Nazi regime to almost all modern art at the time) and possibly destroyed.


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Bathing horses while nude seems to have been popular in Spain.’s-bath/2AFNxpFdoC3c_g


Reminds me of a photo in Michener's 'Iberia' of a beautiful nude young man astride a beautiful white horse in a stream. The caption said he was bathing horses used in the bull ring. [It was in the section on Andalusia if I recall correctly.]


handsome young man on a handsome horse. but is he pulling a little too hard on the reigns to make the horse open his mouth like that?