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Puzzle 565

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  1. katyshopgirl23:49
  2. dcs25:34
  3. NajaHelena26:01
  4. HaH30:34
  5. ethelhead30:42
  6. jocelyn34:32
  7. lysy535835:03
  8. Gimpy10037:11
  9. LindaMaryThomas37:57
  10. AIKENMOM38:07


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I'll never forget the summers I spent with my grandmothers.

I collect stories about all the little ones among my family and friends. Later, when they have grown up enough to have gained self-confidence, I tell them their stories. Often they don't remember the details but do remember where we were and spending time with me. :-)



It's funny how circles are easy but LOTS of circles can be a bit difficult. You're to be commended for managing to hide your amusement from your granddaughter - yes, children are very protective of their dignity - as well they should be! I love it that they simply say that 'dirt' (or whatever) is: whatever they decide it is. Some of our best humor writers have pointed out that adults often make that same mistake - with much worse consequences.

Putting this puzzle together was a like being on a scavenger hunt. It was a bit of work but fun too. Here's a giggle for you.... My granddaughter made my bed for me (so we could play on it). I told her she did a good job & that it looked very nice & thank you. Yeah, I've been practicing she replies. What do you practice on I asked. Dirt, she says emphatically. How do you practice on dirt I ask. She says she uses sticks, and then pours water on it for the blanket. Biting my tongue I repeat the praises and tell her practice pays off well. I can't laugh or she's offended. :-)

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