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The correct answer is ***** CARMEN ELECTRA *****
Carmen Electra is an American glamour model, actress, singer, and media personality. She rose to fame in the mid 1990s as a glamour model in "Playboy" magazine which led to a career on TV and in film. She is probably best known for donning 'the red swimsuit' when she joined the cast of "Baywatch" in 1997. She has appeared in a string of low budget films and TV series

Aside from her media work she is associated with several charities including "Head to Hollywood" which offers support to brain cancer survivors, "Elevate Hope" which supports abused and abandoned children and the "HollyRod Foundation" which provides medical, physical, and emotional support to those suffering debilitating illnesses such as Parkinson's.

BIRTH NAME: Tara Leigh Patrick

BORN: Apr 20, 1972 Sharonville, Ohio, and raised in White Oak, Ohio US.
She is the youngest of 5 children (3 brothers and 1 sister) born to Harry Stanley and Patricia Rose Patrick (née Kincade). She also had an older half brother, Rod Mark from her mother's previous marriage. Her mother was a singer and her father a guitarist and entertainer. By the age of 3 she had decided she wanted to be on the stage and it became her ambition to dance on Broadway. Her father encouraged her, even working 2 jobs to pay for her music and dance classes. Carmen's ambition was to dance on Broadway.
In 1996 her mother was diagnosed with cancer of the brain but the news was not shared with Carmen initially as her career was just beginning to take off and her mother didn't want to jeopordise it. She died as a result of the tumour in Aug 1998. Her death came just 2 weeks after Carmen's elder sister, Debbie, died unexpectedly in her sleep from a heart attack aged just 40.
In 2005 the family suffered further tragedy when her half brother Mark Rod committed suicide, shooting himself through the heart at his home in Florida. He had a history of depression.

1977(?) - 1981 Ann Weigel Elementary School Alumni in Cincinnati while studying dance at the Dance Artists dance studio in Western Hills, Cincinnati.
1981 - 1987/8 the School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA), a 'magnet' arts school in Cincinnatti
1987/8 - 1988 Walnut Hills High School, Cincinnati
1988 - 1990 Princeton High School, Sharonville, Ohio.
She is also a graduate of the Barbizon Modeling and Acting School in Cincinnati.

CAREER . . .
Her first public performances were at SCPA including playing 'Tiger Lily' in a production of "Peter Pan" in the mid 1980s when she was in 8th grade. Also in the production was singer Nick Lachey.
Her professional début was as a dancer in the show "It’s Magic" at "Kings Island", an amusement park in Mason, Ohio. Still only 18 and having saved up enough money she moved to Los Angeles. One of her first jobs there was on the TV music series the show "Soul Train" as one of the 'in-house' group of dancers in the studio. Finding work was not easy and she was broke most of the time but managed to get work dancing in nightclubs where she was spotted by singer/actress Robin Power who was putting together a new band and invited her to audition for the singer Prince (aka Symbol and TAFKAP) for his new video. Although she didn't get the job she was contacted shortly after by Prince offering her a recording contract as a solo artist with his Paisley Park Records label. She started working on her first album with Prince in Minneapolis and he was behind her stage name of Carmen Electra. Her first performances as a professional solo singer were in 1992 as one of the opening acts on his 1992 "Diamonds and Pearls" tour. She also appeared on TV on on Dec 19, 1992 as part of "The Ryde Dyvine" . . . the second part of a two-day US TV-special. Her self titled album was released on Feb 7, 1993 followed by 4 singles from it. Neither were well received and the album flopped. With her singing career virtually over she started working weekends with 'The Erotic City Dancers' at Prince's nightclub "Glam Slam" in Los Angeles. From late August to early September 1993 she performed in "Glam Slam Ulysses" at the club . . . a musical production by Prince

Remaining 'under the radar' as far as public recognition was concerned for the next few years she worked as a model and dancer. She was one of the original members of "The Pussycat Dolls", a burlesque dance troupe. She was the group's lead performer for many of their shows between 1995 and 2003. The troupe was being re-invented to include more singing and new recruits were being taken on to replace existing members so she went on to form her own dance group, "The Bombshells". She did reunite with "The Pussycat Dolls" for a guest performance at VH1 Divas in 2004.

Things soon changed in 1996 when she was approached by "Playboy" magazine and in May that year appeared for the first time in the publication. Since then she has appeared several times in that and other similar periodicals. It led to a number of offers of acting work on both TV and in film

She has continued with her interest in dance appearing in the Bloodhound Gang's music video of "The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope" (1999) and Lil' Kim's "No Matter What They Say" (2000).

Her acting début on TV was a minor role in "Baywatch Nights" as 'Candy' first broadcast on Apr 27, 1996. She on to star in the parent series "Baywatch" as 'Lani McKenzie' from Sep 1997 to May 1998 donning the red swimsuit previously worn by Pamela Anderson . . . literally according to interviews! She reprised the role for the 2003 reunion TV film, "Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding".
Her acting on TV has mainly centred on guest appearance in series sometimes as a fictionalised version of herself. These include "Monk", "Hope & Faith", "House", "Joey", and most recently "Jane the Virgin" and "Alone Together". She did have recurring roles in "Summerland" (2005-'Mona Cassini') and as the voice of 'Six' in the animated series "Tripping the Rift" in 2005.
She has also made TV films including "Rent Control" (2002), "Monster Island" (2004) and "Getting Played" (2005).
Her main TV work though is as herself, guesting on late night talk shows, documentaries and hosting or judging reality shows. These include "MTV Movie Awards", "MADtv", "The Howard Stern Radio Show/Howard Stern", "The Late Late Show", "Dance Fever", "Late Show with David Letterman", "The Sharon Osbourne Show", "Hollywood Squares", "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross", "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", "Britain's Got Talent" and many many others.

FILM . . .
Carmen Electra made her film début on Jul 21, 1997 in the Kenan and Kel family film "Good Burger". Uncredited she appeared as 'Roxanne', an employee at the Mondo Burger.
Her 1st credited appearance was in the comedy horror "An American Vampire Story" also released in 1997. She has acted in a number of films since often in cameo appearances in both big and low-budget films with varying degrees of success. "These include The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human" (1999), "Scary Movie" (2000), "Starsky & Hutch " (2004), "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" (2005), "Scary Movie 4" (2006), "Meet the Spartans" (2008), "Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!!" (2009) and "2-Headed Shark Attack" (2012).

As previously mentioned she has appeared in music videos but she has taken on a variety of projects over the years. This includes being the model for cartoon characters in comic books . . . sorry I think I should say graphic novels these days. She has also appeared as characters in the video game "Def Jam: Fight for New York" and as one of the celebrity challenges in the video game "ESPN NFL 2K5".
From 2004-2007 she hosted a women's professional wrestling promotion, "Naked Women's Wrestling League" on 'pay-per-view'. She left claiming they had failed to pay all monies due to her and sued.

She has appeared in a number of commercials and promotions in both magazines and on TV including her own branded pole dancing set and a number of her exercise videos . . . and in her spare time? With Sheryl Berk she wrote the book "How to Be Sexy" (2007).

MARRIAGES: Carmen Electra has had several high profile relationships and has been married twice. She has no children.

m. Nov 14, 1998 - divorced (exact date unknown). She started dating NBA star Dennis Rodman in 1998 and they married later that year. After only 9 days Rodman filed to have the marriage annulled on the grounds that at the time he was of 'unsound mind'. Before the annulment was granted the couple reconciled before the year was out. On Apr 6, 1999 they announced their mutually agreed separation and subsequently divorced. 5 lears later, in an interview with "Glamour" magazine she said the wedding was in direct response to the deaths of her mother and sister in Aug 1998 in an effort to ease and numb the emotional pain she was experiencing.

Nov 22, 2003 - Feb 20, 2007. She met musician Dave Navarro on a blind date in 2001 (former lead guitarist with "Jane's Addiction" and "The Red Hot Chili Peppers"). In the months leading up to their wedding the couple starred in a reality TV series, " 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave'. The series covered the organisation and preparations up to and including the wedding and reception. On Jul 17, 2006, they announced their separation and the divorce was finalised on Feb 20, 2007 amid rumours of adultery.

Loretta Lynn has admitted to not being able to swim.
Despite playing the role of a lifeguard in "Baywatch" Electra is also unable to swim but after lying to the producers during her audition she still got the part.She has been photographed and filmed in the sea and in pools but is never seen actually swimming.
That's not as strange as a frog not being able to swim . . . naming no names but I never thought I would have something in common with her . . . 🐸🐸🐸

There is no true winner as you were all BAMBOOZLED 🐸🐸🐸
Perhaps I should claim the win by default. 🐸

Happy Dance . . .
. . . I had to wade through all sorts of tosh before I found this which is probably the most innocuous clip . . . 🐸


Here is the full series of pictures together with the original image. Please note that the original photo used is freely available on several internet sites and therefore assumed to be in the public domain and is used under "Fair Usage" rights (the original image having been transformed/altered and is not being used for the purpose of profit). Any copyright infringement is totally unintentional.
All twangs (ie distortions/morphs/alterations etc) are down to me, my PC and some ancient software . . . 🐸🐸🐸
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Thank you Allison . . . ;-)


Froggy, Your response to my cringe was much appreciated. Thank you :-)


Thank you all but it was only by default . . . lol

Thank you Allison . . . I I mentioned I had to wade through a load of tosh that I would certainly not feel happy about posting on a family site. I'm pretty open minded but I do appreciate that that I have to draw the line somewhere. I do not consider you a prude . . . you know your own mind. It wouldn't do for us all to have the same values. I would hate to offend anyone which is why I usually put a note of caution on any link that is a bit risqué.


Congratulations Su!! :)


Congratulations on your win, T&F! ☺︎


Congratulations T & F! :- )


Congratulations, T&F ;)))


Congrats Trouble_and_Frog!!! :)


Congrats T&F!!!


Froggy, Yay! So glad you won this game! Thank you, for giving me the info on Carmen.
I really didn't know much about her. Yikes, if that clip was the "most innocuous" I cringed...yes, I'm a bit of a prude. Thank you, for the game! :-)


Congratulations T&F!


You did it....Congrats Froggy


Nice win T&F, congrats!!!


Congrats Froggy. Thanks for all the fun.


Congrats T&F :-)


Hi everyone . . . you've been BAMBOOZLED 🐸🐸🐸
As no-one came up with the right answer I claim the win by default however Nathalie does deserve some recognition . . . right swimsuit but the wrong actress. So near and yet so far . . . 🐸

I had nothing to do with the hair colour this time . . . you can blame Carmen's hairdresser for that. I was just a little bit sneaky in choosing that photo . . . hee-hee.

Hi @venussuz . . . welcome to my little game. I'm sorry you weren't right on this occasion but I do hope this is the first of many visits . . . ;-)
I have taken the liberty of putting your name on my 'tag list' so that you will receive notifications whenever I post a game RESULT. If you do not want to receive these please let me know so that I can remove it.

TITTER LIST . . . my top 3 predictions of incorrect answers
#1 Courtney Cox . . . Mamie . . . [17 Oct @13:20]
#2 Crystal Gayle . . . Sag [16 Oct @15:13]
#3 Rita Coolidge . . . R_F_T_S [16 Oct @16:33]

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10. Anne Hathaway
11. Ashley Judd
12. Barbi Benton
13. Barbra Streisand
14. Blake Lively
15. Bridget Moynahan
16. Brie Larson
17. Brooke Shields
18. Calista Flockhart
19. Carla Bruni
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21. Carol Alt
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23. Carrie Fisher
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25. Catherine Keener
26. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
27. Céline Dion
28. Charlize Theron
29. Charlotte Gainsbourg
30. Chloë Grace Moretz
31. Chrissy Metz
32. Claire Foy
33. Courtney Cox 🐸
34. Crystal Gayle 🐸
35. Dakota Johnson
36. Danica Patrick
37. Dannii Minogue
38. Daphne Zuniga
39. Debra Messing
40. Denise Richards
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126. Rita Coolidge 🐸
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145. Zooey Deschanel
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