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Picturesque forest

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Striking colours in the trunks!


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Good on yer, Robbie! Yer right: rainbow eucalyptus, found all over the South Pacific. Thanks for jumping in - do so any time you feel like - ye've always got something good to say - and contribute :)


Very nice trees Colin.


What colors, nature has given these trees!


Thank you Robbie for bringing these beautiful Rainbow Eucalyptus to my attention, I've never seen them in Australia, but that's not to say they are not there, we have so many different species of Eucalyptus in australia it's hard to name them all, each has it own beauty, especially when they shed their bark, and show their lovely white, blue, orange and spots and striped trunks, they really are a beautiful tree. Thank you colind4 for the post.


that's a wonderful picture colin!


Hope you don't mind me jumping in Colin, I was skeptical about these, but they are a Rainbow Eucalyptus growing on Maui in Hawaii near the tourist drive to Hana. Very interesting puzzle and fun to look up, thanks mate.


HI colind4, I don't think I've ever seen tree trunks of the like before! Their beautiful, do you know what they are called?


I've never seen trunks like these before! Neat! Thanks, Colin!