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  1. RandiS10:05
  2. susonne0:06
  3. Robbos0:08
  4. merciana0:09
  5. saturdaynight0:09
  6. JennyG660:09
  7. wshealy0:09
  8. Ckennorch0:10
  9. andie9830:10
  10. wjl10150:10


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Good advice, Wendy!


I think every woman should have her own tool kit. I have a friend whose husband freaks out if she even looks at one of his hammers. Some men are very protective of their tools, so get your own...........Wendy

Reply to Wendy: I actually bought a small tool kit year ago that was called a "Do It Herself Kit" and it was pink. I still have it, ( out in the garage). Perhaps I should do as you suggested. It had just about anything you need for a small project including tape measure and an assortment of tool like you mentioned. :)
Also, have given these to other people. Great for college dorms or young ones just moving away from home.


Thank you all for your comments, I believe everyone has used a knife at least once. Help yourself peachesgirl, use it however you want... :-))

I never used my silver, or the silver again after I found out it can be dangerous to one's health, but my stainless knives are easier to handle than some of the screwdrivers...Sherry


You know what RandiS1? Years ago I accumulated some tools, bought a small tool box, and I keep it under my bed so when I need a hammer, pliers, etc., they are there. I think every woman should do that..........Wendy

I have a whole set of these !
TBW xxx


Used your head to save your feet!

This made me smile as I had just used one last night. I did not want to go out to the garage to get the real thing. LOL


lol--they are very handy at times.


Oh wow! I have about 10 or 12 of those!! LOL...........Wendy


May I use this on facebook? It's a good one. I have used a knife like that as a screwdriver! :)

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