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Confused Thoughts Mosaic

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99 solves
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Yes, I know what you meant--and you have my sympathy, because I know what you feel like when you get way too little sleep, and what you do get isn't very restful...


Hmm, yes, the things that come out of my mouth!!! Well, I'm sure you know what I meant. (And keep in mind I had that annoying ABPM causing me grief last night - as noted in another comment!)


Now that's a resounding vote of confidence! LOL!!!!!


Don't worry too much over it, the other mosaics are okay too, albeit a little harder to solve :)))))


Thanks so much, whatnauts and Rosie. Unfortunately, I tried making a few new mosaics last night, and they all turned out to have those white speckles and mixed-up sections, no matter what type of Painting I started with. Darn it, I knew I wouldn't remember how I did it! And it wasn't just chance--well, it was, but it wasn't just LunaPic doing it on its own, I mean. I know that I did a lot of embossing and light-changing and such before the mosaic program, so I unwittingly set it up to happen. Now, of course, I'm half-wittedly trying to recall the steps..... :-DDD


Not sure what it was, the softening of the colors or the lovely shade to the background, whatever it was I really enjoyed putting this one together.

Yes, PD, I appreciated your comments. ; )


Yes, and it's because of the solid blocks that the puzzle makes sense to me, regardless of whether or not you are confused, PD :))))))


THAT'S what looks different! You're right--I knew there was something about this that was unusual, and it's the nice, solid blocks of colors, without all those random white dots scattered around! Now if only I can remember what I did to make that happen....... :-)))


Oh, I really like this mosaic. No little white pieces scattered thru out to confuse and cross my eyes. Thank you for another interesting and challenging puzzle. Rosie


I went to the link, roseheather--thanks so much!


It does look more like a "normal" puzzle, doesn't it?!!! Almost like a map with states and all their counties or voting districts... Thanks, whatnauts, but you have to remember that IT isn't confused--the person (me!) thinking the thoughts is the one who's confused! :-)))


Finally, a mosaic puzzle which seems to make sense!!! LOL. (Even though it's confused!)


Thanks, Lela, very, very much.


I agree with ringleader.....I'm late on tonight and have been catching up, so not going to say anything there now........You summed up excellently what a lot of people think.....WITHOUT SHOUTING!.......


Thanks so much, Katie, Wendy, and Ardy--believe it or not, the background is the color of my kitchen walls! I didn't realize it until I saw it again just now--the paint color is called "American Cheese"--well, isn't that appropriate for a kitchen?!!!

I was really taken aback by those comments, too. I clicked on that puzzle in the first place because I remembered that dqmoskal had posted photos of Rockport, so I felt a kinship, and that's how I found the initial remark......


Pat, I just finished reading the comments on your puzzle of yesterday and am still stunned. Thank you for this bright and pleasing puzzle. I so appreciate your ability with words. You say things so well.


This is BEAUTIFUL, Pat! I too, love the yellow in the background.


I love your mosaics and I love the golden yellow background! Thanks Pat!


Thanks so much, jb and roseheather! I usually do a black or dark background with the mosaics, but this one had such dark areas itself that I wanted to lighten it up. I first made the colors a little softer, and then added the gold/yellow background. I'm glad you liked this. :-)))


Oh, I like this one with mosaics. Softer on the eye. ; )


Great puzz. thanks jb :-)))


Thanks so much, Willy! And I really look forward to your puzzles every day--you have an amazing talent! :-)))


Pat, I am gonna give now a comment , So I'v been the first this day oeffffffffff;
This is so special; first you make a puzzle and than you put mosaics in it; great,
Willy. :-D