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Crossing the Chicago mainline near Gravelton IN, part II

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From the Amish country buggy calendar series. Have fun, Dave
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  1. snuffpot5:12
  2. Buddyofme12:22
  3. Pennylope20:12
  4. Ann100021:34
  5. dustydog22:57
  6. Ashiwi24:05
  7. BonnieCarp28:58
  8. RJEN28:59
  9. dorie7736:20


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I have several in the woods immediately beside my yard and they continuously get up on my back porch/new addition roof and also lately started to run across my front porch too. They seem to think my stuff is theirs? The one recently left his empty broken walnut husks on the porch. I don't leave my empty granola bar wrappers in his tree! hA! My Mom and Dad have coyotes close their back yard. I will be content w/ mischievous squirrels.


You did the squirrel in shorter time than I had capturing that speedy li'l varmint! It kept popping in and out of view.


Unsure why but my gut tells me morning? Almost looks like there is an extreme light hint of fog to the left, the horses right and in front of him off in the distance. Thanks dusty. I like your pics btw, Dave


Either going home at the end of a day....or heading somewhere early in the morning.... This scene evokes a feeling of peaceful serenity. Love the photo!
Dusty :)

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