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Merry Mailman Mailboxes Mosaic (Larger)

414 pieces
36 solves
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Actually, you can't solve on the iPad at all yet, but Jigidi keeps promising that they're trying to work out an arrangement that will let us. I agree--nothing will make the iPad screen large enough, but it still would be fun be able to solve on it. But I found, when my husband got a really big new iMac, I tried solving on it, and I honestly found it too big! I couldn't keep all of the screen in view, it seemed, and I never went back to it! Weird, right?! :-D


Oh, I'm not sure any fixes for I-pad will help since I am working on a desktop. The screen on this monitor seems small compared to our laptop. However, except for when the "computer" part had to be replaced, for our desktop, in early June I hardly ever use the laptop. It, the laptop, was our newer addition and can do so much more for my husband's activities with his conservation group. He maintains a webpage for their MI chapter. ; )

We looked at screens when we got the replacement computer, but decided to wait until there was a "deal." The computer was on sale. ; )


Thanks so much, roseheather--and I know about the screens, because my times are much better on the desktop computer than the laptop. I keep hoping that Jigidi will work out the arrangement with the iPad that it keeps promising, which will mean that I can have fun solving in a lot more locations, but I can imagine what my times will be like on that tiny screen! I don't think that I'll try anything over 100 pieces! :-)))))


Oh, and I really appreciate how much work it takes to create these. I can just take a photo and the system cuts up the photo. But this requires creating, which is no small task. Thank you, I appreciate it.


Well, I did it.

Tortoise here: 4:20:04 I think the small screen has an effect. When I can spread them out they practically jump up and say "here I am." Okay, so maybe not, but it is definitely easier to see shapes/colors when they can be spread out. ; )