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64 pieces
97 solves
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Kirsten and Queenbee.....thank you so much for sticking with the puzzle and finishing it!!!! I am so happy that you were pleased with the finished puzzle. I too thought that the colors and design were pretty :-)

I haven't figured out yet what makes some puzzles harder than others. Perhaps it has to do with symmetry? On this one, I found myself trying to make the corner pieces into the center piece LOL My time at solving puzzles is never good anyway LOL so I think I will keep this one a secret too LOL LOL LOL

But again, thank you both for doing the puzzle and the lovely comments. Glad you found it worth your time :-)


I don't usually do puzzles over 60 peices, unless they are extremely beautiful, such as this one!! However, I too found myself struggling, but finished, (at 10:39!!), so I could see it up close. Well worth it!! Thankyou! :)


I really struggled with that one too Kathy! Must be rusty. LOL. But the final image was worth it. Thanks. :)))