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Desert Flowers (with help) SMALL

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Hi Judy! I'm so sorry that I missed your response until now. I'm delighted to hear that you've looked forward to seeing my puzzles....but I don't think you'll be able to do so very much in the future. I stopped solving when my hand hurt too much, but now it's been hurting just as much as when I was solving puzzles. And my eyes have gotten worse lately. If I post puzzles anymore it will be one a day if I'm lucky, I think. I supposedly have cataracts in both eyes, but it's only one where I think it's a problem. I have awful vision anyway. And I've had tunnel vision for quite some time but it's never been much of a problem so I've never complained about it. But...I think it was yesterday morning when I woke up, opened my eyes, and noticed that I can only see straight ahead now. It still wouldn't be a problem creating puzzles...except that I have to move my head back and forth over the screen. Well, my hand is what's troubling me most. I've been so afraid to have my 'main' cataract removed. Please let me know how your operation goes. I hope yours is a major success. Even if I don't post puzzles much anymore, I'll still come visit you.

Yes, we are determined. :-)

PJ, I don't think I've been much help at all, but I thank you for telling me that you think I have.


PJ, of course you can call me Judy. You are a friend now! I've enjoyed writing my whole life, so commenting is not such a challenge. I do like to ask quiestions, too. Learned long ago it's the shortest way to get answers. The shy me always hoped someone else would ask, but that may never happen, huh? Wendy is a GREAT resource. Anyway, my challenge is responding to a comment in a timely manner and apologize about that. Sometimes I take very long naps, because I'm not feeling so well and my medicine makes me drowsy. I love making puzzles, and know that you do too, and I applaud your work. I'm really new at it, too, so it is fun trying to figure out how others constructed their puzzles. I may ask you questions about your techinqhes if that's ofay. Take care and have a great evening.


HeyJudeNM - can I call you Judy`? Reading comments is such a good way to learn commenting and puzzlemaking - thank you. PJ

Wendy - I have learnt a lot from you the last month and now also how to cope with an alias. Thank you.


Wendy, I loved your puzzles from day one. In fact, I can remember wanting to know what you'd created each time I came to solve some puzzles. Then I started wondering how in the world people make puzzles until I started playing around with my little used draw program. I learn so much from you and want to thank you for being there to encourage all of us. This is quiote the adventure. I hate to think someday you'll not be able to jig because of your eyes. Is it macular degeneration? I'm having my 1st cataract surgery in about 10 days and having a very hard time seeing righy now. But we are determined, right? You take good care of yourself and don't strain those precious eyes too much, if that helps.


Oh, Judy, when I first started creating my own puzzles (I just looked and it was March 5th of this year), I made one a day. As you get more used to creating puzzles, you'll be able to create more...if you feel like it. I've put myself under a time crunch because my eyes are getting worse, so I feel like I have to create as much as I can now while I still can. But if I wasn't so worried about it, I'd create less puzzles and make them a bit nicer.


Wendy, I understand and thank you very much for your guidance; it really helps to have such a thorough instructor. I don't know if I'll ever be able to do more than 4 in a 23 hr. period. You both do such interesting creations, it boggles the mind how you can churn them out. That is amazing to me. I love your work! I'll keep slowly learning new features with my software and see what happens. Thanks again for the info.


Judy, I love the desert flowers!

I saw your questions to PJ, and figure I can give you the answers while I'm here. If you use only one profile, then you can only post 4 puzzles in a day. If you have 2 profiles, then you can post 8 a day (4 with each alias). That's why I have Wendy13 and Wendy_13, and why PJ now has puzzlejan and puzzlejan2. Now here's the crucial thing to remember. Note the time you post your puzzles. Let's say you post all your puzzles at 10 o'clock in the morning using one of your aliases. The NEXT day, you can start posting puzzles under that alias at 9 o'clock (1 hour before 10 o'clock, but no earlier than 9 o'clock). In other words, you can post an hour before your previous days postings if you feel like it.
But let's say that you post 3 of your puzzles at 10 o'clock and the 4th one at 12 noon. Then the next day, you can post as early as 9 o'clock on 3 of them, but you'll have to wait until 11 o'clock for the 4th one (one hour before noon).


Thanks PJ. I kinda liked the contrast too while I was trying things out. Can you explain why people choose more than one profile? Is there a limit on how many you can post in a certain time frame? Just curious. I really appreciate your feedback and encouragement. I always smile when I hear from you.


This was fun - neat design, with the contrast between modern and old.
I have started with puzzlejan2 profile - there were 3 puzzles I was too eager to post. Still - PJ

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