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Argyle - small

64 pieces
244 solves
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This is my reliable Barb--always making puzzles I love to solve. Great idea. The auto theme was of course suggested by Roadworn. I think the wheels also look like a speedometer or tachometer also. My dad had a racecar when I was little, so it brings back memories. Thanks for another winner!


Thanks, Wendy. :-)


How on earth did I miss this, Barb??? It's wonderful! :-)


When not waving the checkered flag, perhaps they could use it as a checker board? LOL
Sounds like we once again have similar weather, Katie, not surprising since we really aren't that far apart. Have a great evening. :-)


I see Gwen's wheels and checkered racing flags too. Must be partly due to Nascar season being on again! I had sun with a cold wind today too. It was decent in areas that were blocked from the wind. We're supposed to be around 60 F on the weekend - yipee!!!


Oh no, you're not allowed to say that 4 letter word here, Mandy. I am sorry that you're having more of the white stuff and hope it soon warms up into a proper spring. :-)


Oh, I never thought of auto racing, Gwen, but I can see how you thought of it. Hope you enjoy solving it later. :-)


It was snowing here today... so I see snowflake in your puzzle!!! Thanks Barb :~))


I was thinking wheels and checkers, so it must be auto racing. It is a neat looking puzzle which I will be saving to solve later.

Glad your weather is not too cold and you have some sunshine.


Glad you had fun with this, Edie, and I'm sure you deserve the tea and puzzles after working outside. I was out this morning and that wind still has a bite to it. Enjoyed the sunshine though. :-)


Checker boards it is. With maybe some poker chips. Great puzzle to solve Barb. Was working outside a bit and had to take off my jacket. When the wind died down it was very warm. Now came in for tea and puzzles. Really enjoyed this one. Thanks.


Send some heat our way, Catherine! 68F sounds my ideal temperature.
Glad you liked the colours in this puzzle. :-)


Hi Barb, Ardy is right, they really look like checker boards, with lovely bright colours... Rome 68 F!


Hi Ardy, it's 48F here and sunny but feels much colder. Met a friend for a coffee this morning and we both wore our winter jackets and were thankful we did. Very cold wind still, but a lovely day otherwise.
Hmm, they do look rather like small checker boards, don't they, and matching large checker pieces. :-)))


Hmmm I was thinking it looked large small checker boards and large checkers. A lovely puzzle, Barb. Thank you. According to the weather report it's supposed to be a high of 58 F today. No way!! If the wind would go away it might make it but that wind is COLD.