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every night

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30 pieces
36 solves
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  1. liertje19780:56
  2. Robbos1:03
  3. louieblouie1:06
  4. quilt651:20
  5. grandmalucy1:21
  6. jigsaw19491:21
  7. Ianto1:26
  8. JHZ1:29
  9. pkin381:30
  10. mojasasenka1:31


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Looks like my dish drainer


A person after my own heart. I have used racks for 60 years. I love them. Had a dishwasher (it came with the house) and I had it removed and had more storage space. Our present home has a dishwasher and I have never used it. I like my racks and I like putting the dishes away THAT night not the next day or wait until the dishwasher cools down. Forget it. I'll stack them just like this puzzle. In fact, I just bought a new rack and it only had glass holders on one side so I am back to my old one and will get rid of the new one. Could not stack properly in it either. My husband is always amazed at how I stack things. Everything BUT my pyrex glass coffee pot. That gets done all by itself. I can't get any parts. Thanks for sharing.

One does tend to forget to wash the kitchen towels.


i was told by a nursing nun after i gave birth to one of my children , don't wipe dry your dishes let them air dry , its more sanitary
so that is what we have done in our family

Interesting idea. I do need more storage space ... Never thought about using the dishwasher to store the larger pots and lids - Hmmmm! Nope - my hubby would never go for it. I usually do the pots by hand but he uses the dishwasher for everything if left to his own devices. I think it is such a waste of space if we put the large pots into the dishwasher to wash!



Still do. Gave up on the dishwasher and use it for storing the big pots now. We hand wash everything and when I do it, the stacking into the drain side becomes an art form....LOL


Yes .. Yes .. Many times ..


Yes, I have. Now, I know what it is called, I can get my grandkids to play. ;-))

I have, but not that bad.

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