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Kaleidos once more :)) I

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126 solves
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I'm very happy that you found them enjoyable MaryNolan and thank for your always so enthusiastic comments. :))


Oh, Dagmar, they just burst out! Love it! 4:12 Thanks!


I can see your smiles Ardy, and afte reading your comments, I'm starting to smile as well. I'm glad I could offer you some little fun in your morning. Enjoy the rest of your evening and have a wonderful weekend. :))


I'm glad you had some fun Barb, thanks for dropping by and have a lovely weekend. :))


Hi Kirsten - what a busy day - eleven hours to write an answer!!

Thanks for your so enthusiastic comment, finally after a horribly busy day I'm starting to smile again. :)) Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your holidays as much as you can. :))) Have a wonderful time!!!


Delightful, Dagmar. The middle part of the bottom right seems to be smiling at me. Thanks, Dagmar.


A nice little puzzle with lovely bright colours. :-)


I'll take them once, twice, thrice!! As many times as you'll make them, Dagmar. They are a vision of bright loveliness. I specially like the sunny yellow, and the delightful blue of the bottom right. Thanks so much - they're gorgeous!! :)))