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NO, I do not want to see the snow.........

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Wake me when it is over and until then YOUR bathrobe is MINE!
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  1. Dclo1:50
  2. Carol662:27
  3. Impie2:36
  4. dartagnan2:40
  5. jam624992:41
  6. yarnover2:43
  7. hanna492:53
  8. jbow3:26
  9. KM4SFY3:29
  10. mrabelle753:32


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So glad to be of use, Dusty!


jyl, I just pulled up my calculator? And It DOES have the conversions! I never knew that...thanks!

Payton, stay in that robe...but maybe share it a bit with mom!

And all of you folks in and around anywhere near this snowstorm? Take care, hunker down, and be safe!

Dusty : )


Hi Tisketsmum..........true about the bathrobe and so many other things in the house that used to be mine!? :)))))))))


Cute, very cute Payton, and I think you have the best idea about the snow. Whatever made your mum think the bathrobe was hers? We all know it's really yours. Love Tisket xx


Jyl, on Whidbey our motto is "Don't believe the weather until you look out your window!"

Hi Beekay, cats are smart (dogs too)........ remain stay warm until things pass!


Carol, one of our best-known sayings here in Victoria is "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." Since we share the Salish Sea, I expect it applies to your area, too.


LOL, Payton knows how to deal with winter!


Carol, the calculator function on my computer converts F and C degrees (along with a whole bunch of other fascinating and/or useful conversions.) Without it I'd be lost.


Hi Jyl, I remember where you are. You have the same as us........I just tried to sweep off my front porch and ramp.......solid ice under the snow. We are currently at 26 degrees......can't remember the conversion to metric (moved to the States before the switch). It has been awhile since it really snowed and like you I enjoyed it!

Impie, Payton takes anything he wants and I let him. lol

Jaklien, snow melted just a little and is not freezing hard again. Only for a few days......or so they tell us?!


Carol and Payton and Zoe and I (Zoe is my feline boss) all live around the Salish Sea; them on the southern end and Zoe and me at the northern end. The forecast here says this nasty white stuff will stay with us for at least a few days. What happens here is that there's just enough warming to leave a layer of ice under the pretty white, just enough to make treacherous walking for hoomans and no evil effects for our feline bosses to deal with. We can't really complain though, I can't remember when we last had the evil stuff falling out of the sky. ;o)


Smart move, Payton....I'd keep the bathrobe if I were you, red suits you!♡


In the afternoon the snow usually melts. Peyton, wake up !!

Good move Payton! Stay warm.

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