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Heckle - I know I can walk on the ceiling

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When Heckle chases after Sweetie to tumble her, I chase him upstairs away from her. He goes halfway up the stairs and gives me that same look. He thinks he can torture Sweetie and charm me all in the same moment. Sweetie is smart enough to know to run and sit right beside me to stop the chase.


I hate it when my cats do something bad and then give me the same baleful stare when I yell at them.

I keep telling him that it's a good thing he's so adorable. When I clap my hands and tell him to stop whatever it is he's doing wrong, he just looks at me and slowly blinks his eyes. He's a heart tugging expert. I tell him to use that charm on Sweetie instead of harrassing her.


BAD Heckle. Down boy. Time for a time out. He sure earns his name, doesn't he?

Heckle is making up for it today. Sweetie is healthy and he knows it. He has chased her down and tumbled her end over end three times today. They both lost a lot of fur in the process. Then, he tried to climb the kitchen curtains. He settled for putting some claw marks in them.

Cats know when someone is ill. Good for Heckle that he did not take advantage of the situation with Sweetie.

Everyone who has met Heckle would agree with you, except Sweetie. She thinks of him as the most annoying cat because he treats her like his own personal play toy. When Sweetie was sick, Heckle was a perfect gentlemen, leaving her alone but watching her every move.

Heckle is one of the most amusing cats with the greatest personality of any cat that I am aware of. You have a real treasure, along with two other treasures.

Heckle danced for about 10 minutes so I took quite a few pictures. He was determined to figure out a way to walk on the ceiling. It made perfect sense to him because as a kitten he jumped up on a light fixture above a table. He imagines that nothing is impossible.


What a great shot of Heckle. Good timing!

Welcome back. You have been missed, along with Heckle, Jeckle and Sweetie.

Sweetie and I have had some health issues that kept me away, but I'm back now, armed with the knowledge of just how messed up the food supply for humans and pets has become.


Nice to see Heckle back. I miss pictures of your three cats.

that was fun