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When I was young
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  2. JAJA480:33
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Come on Dafna3246, you are as preaty as the Lord wanted you to be,. I am again telling you I think you are as pretty as can be and if any one can tell you differently they have a problem, not you. God gives us all things to face when we are here on Earth and wants to see how we handle it. I am not trying to make out with you Dafna, I want to be the friend God wants me to be to all people. Please be my friend and enjoy your life while you are here. The Tiger.


Two men lately told me that I am beatiful. You are the third.
I am very religieuse, and I am always happy.
I thank God for what he gave me, what he gives me, and what he will give me
If you want to be my friend, this is my e-mail, for all the friends in Jigidi


Dafna, just what are you trying to say. I, personaly think you are very good looking, and I am 86 and chashing all you women, can remember when I was 71, and all that don't mean one dam thing , it is just how you are thinking. Age, is a matter of fact and we can do mvery little about it. Except how we think. Now you think what you will, I have told you what I think, so take it easy, and remember you can only decide what you will be. I am what I am and thats that. You are a very nice daughter of God and you should be very happy of that. Oh, my daughter was in your country recently and loved it. Hey kiddo, I am first, to hell with those two men, I think you are very Beautiful, now what do you think. Just the Old Tiger, trying to make friends.


When my son in law sae this picture, in my cookbook, he said :Now i see that you are similar.


I think that I didn't think that I am beautiful, because I went with my sister(3 years younger) to the store, and a woman said " what preety girls." and the other said "the younger is more beatiful."
So I decided to be the wiser' and my sister will be the more beautiful.
But few years ago, my daughter said "Don't wear too beatiful dress , so your sister will not feel depressed. Since then, I recovered.


When I was young, I didn't think that I am beautiful.
Now' I am 71, two men said tht I am beayiful.
My picture is awful,.I know.




Beautiful photos.

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