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North Vancouver City Library

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Hi Ank. I left it on your Joure 1 Dec puzzle. That's a very good idea!


Hi Cathy, will you please add your birthday on one of my puzzles, I make a big birthday list, and want to post a puzzle with the dates everymonth


Hi Goingsilver. Thank you! I guess I can't wait for blue skies. I'll just take rainy pictures for a while!


Great photo Cathy. Shame it is still raining!


Cevas if you are in the area that would be wonderful! Old house was 227 West 14th. I think there are condos there now? Several years ago, my brother sent a shot from the alley area.....I would not have known it.....but, then I left over 50 years ago (time flys when you are having fun!) Haven't been up there in 25 years? (Note to self: Renew passport.)


Hi Carol. I'm glad I could take you back in time. The Famous Players Theatre (5 theatres) is on the corner of Chesterfield and Esplanade. The Odeon group is in the mall at Park & Tilford. When it stops raining (probably sometime in 2013 ) I'll take a picture of the 200 block West 14th if you like. Any particular address I should focus on. Excuse the pun.


WOW! Cevas, I grew up on the 200 block of 14th just down from Lonsdale. Things have changed! There used to be a cafe' named "Harbottle's" on that corner. One door down was the Odeon theatre where we would go to see Saturday afternoon cowboy movies. Thanks, what a treat to see this. :)


Hi Suzy. Yes, there are stacks of them! :) If they don't have the book you want but one of the other local libraries has it they will get it for you. Then you can return it to any library. We also scan the books out ourselves and receive a return date reminder which functions rather nicely as a bookmark.


Quite a modern library. I imagine there are very, very, very, very many books in there!


Thank you, patsyanne, Ank, Jacques and Gladststone! The North Van City Hall is just to the left. I took a picture of that from a different angle. I'll post it soon.


Thank you for your picture of the library in North Vancouver.


nice one cevas!


A beautiful building Cathy, thanks for giving the location. I don't have google earth on this laptop, but tuesday I will have my new computer and then I can install all programms again. So I will look at it later.

Lovely large library-- would make six of our Summerland one which is my favorite place to visit. Thanks for sharing.


The building on the right is the library. It's at 14th Street and Lonsdale Ave in North Vancouver, Canada.