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THEME - Clocks - Timepiece Broches from Rocks to Riches

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51 solves
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Ardy so sweet of you to keep my sister in your prayers. I've lost two younger brothers, so my sis is dear to me.
Cousins are great. My favorite cousin is just 28 days older than me, we just chatted this morning. She lives in Colorado and I'm in Iaho, but we stay in touch. So glad you have your Cheerie Lou AND that she enjoys Jigidi, too. I've met some amazing people here.
Thanks for being my friend!!!


So sorry about your sister. I'll continue to keep her on my prayer list.
Cheerie Lou is one of my first cousins. And when one has no siblings nor children, cousins are very close. She is a wonderful, creative, fun person to be with. I have another cousin who pops in to Jigidi from time to time. And a friend that I also introduced to the site and loves it. I don't think either of those have ever signed in though.


Not well. It is a sad story. Thank you for asking.
Must be fun to have a friend interested in Jigidi. All of mine seem too busy. Heck this is where I relax and get new energy. Thanks for all your nice post, Ardy, you are so fun to have on Jigidi!


Hi Peg. Cheerie Lou and I forgot to say thank you for stopping by cheerio16 and leaving a nice comment. It was the first time she has had a comment on one of her puzzles other than mine and just got excited. We both appreciated you coming by. How is your sister doing? You had said she'd be having more tests in August.


Linda, always a pleasure to meen someone from Idaho. I love it here. I am a transplant, but firmly rooted here. Thanks for your kind words and glad you enjoy my "play" - as it is not work to create these.


I just really enjoy your puzzles. I was browsing back through some of the older ones and saw that you are in southern ID. I grew up mostly around the Rexburg area so it is always nice to "meet" someone from there. Thanks again for your hard work in putting together a great group of puzzles.


Shirley, glad you enjoyed. It would make a nice gift.


This would make a wonderful gift for a horse enthusiast, very nice grandmapegs Thank you.