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i agree with you, octomom.kisses my dear friends.


You said it very well, Vera. I have not much more to add, except I agree with you 100%. We need more people to decry these kinds of things so they don't keep happening over and over.


and you , jan , my dear ,are a good person, and i am proud to by my friend.


I think we feel the same Vera. Hugs to you my friend. Thanks for the puzzle that makes us think today. You are pretty on the outside and on the inside!


Now I will say I think ... I was thinking about these peepers will feel when they are placed between the strands, you will be accepted, you will be rejected because of their colorful fluff?
I want to know, that beyond the special color, will be treated with tolerance, just as we humans, we accept and appreciate us for who we are and not how we look after. I, one did not think were too high by colorating harm, but just so they ...
What will happen to them after they are no longer beautiful? or, who knows who will buy will attach them and live happily until old age ... but do not go that far hypocrisy ...
sure will get acquainted with the knife, many of them, like their cousins??, who have never known the privilege cosmetics ...
i hope , my opinion no ofense ...kisses for all my friends , with friendship

OMG! They would look so great on an Easter bonnet! I'll take three dozen...


Crowded together, unnatural colors, bought then neglected (or worse), to me it is not the human or humane thing to do to these animals.


Not a pretty photo to me. Any animal crowded together so tight does not make me very happy. Color or no color it is all the same.


My concern regarding chicks is this - special color or not, they are VERY CUTE. so parents take them home for their kids. Then, they are not so cute, or kids get bored with them and they don't want them anymore. So, they get rid of them. You could apply the same thing to any small animal. Like Vera says, it is about taking Responsibility for your actions!


thank you for the pertinent comment , hanne .kisses


I do agree on the opinion that "industry-people" think before they make living creatures into just "cute things" for i.e. children. It's necessary to teach kids about the respect of what's alive, even if the feathers grow out and become normal!! Our pets ought to be respected as the fellow-beings they are. You would never dye a baby before some holiday!! Actually it's what you do here! Vera, it's a great picture you have posted, gives a lot of thoughts!! Thanks so much dear friend! Hugs!!


is ok , octomom. I understand what you mean, I'm not a radical, and it just did not get along ... everyone is free to believe and do what he wants, as long as they assumed the responsibilities of his doings.hugs


Didn't I just say the color grows out? Did I write all that for NOTHING?

And you, patsq, you're Trouble with a capital Tribbles ....
(Vera, he's making reference to a Star Trek television show from the 1960s. They were little furry roly-poly creatures, and the title on that episode was "The Trouble with Tribbles".)




These colors don't hurt the chicks. As they grow the colors disappearl


I don't believe this puzzle should be about tolerance. Animal abuse is everywhere, but does this come under the category of animal abuse?

In yesterday's newspaper, there was an article about chicks that have been dyed for Easter. Some breeders inject a dye into the egg so that the chick is born like this; others actually dip the chicks into a supposedly nontoxic dye. All this is for Easter, but the issue is that like a lot of holiday presents (Christmas puppies that get returned anyone? Easter bunnies that are let loose to die horrible deaths from predators?), these animals grow up and are discarded. There are some breeders who have agreed, at the urging of the Humane Society of the United States, to stop this practice. We had a case recently where a woman who wanted to dye her dog for a dog show, fought the law banning this practice, and actually had the ban put back into place and overturned. I've seen puzzles on Jigidi of dogs that were dyed for dog shows, poodles that look ridiculous, and this behavior should be regulated except for women like the one I mentioned. My own personal belief is that an animal is born looking like what they look like and should be loved on its own merits, not some idea of what people think they should look like at holidays.

However, what people don't realize is that the dye is gone within a few months because their adult feathers come in and don't have the dye on them. While I'm not sure it qualifies as actual animal abuse (one need only look at starving horses and puppy mills and hoarders to see the real abuse here), I don't believe it's a necessary practice, and I don't believe children need to grow up feeling this this kind of behavior is normal or should be tolerated.


I expected comments about differences, about tolerance ... Anyway, if you have to say it is your right to an opinion.


already you repeat ...

Very offensive to animal lovers to see baby chicks abused this way.