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Happy Birthday Puzzaddled

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Remembering All the wonderful years


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Thanks, Suzy! What a wonderful surprise it was to see this...we forgot she was taking pix. :-) Hope that you're having fun down there right now; the weather will certainly be a lot more pleasant than it has been here, that's for sure!

(Suzy lives in NY state so shares our fun climate, dear friend of mine.)


A belated birthday, my friend! What a great picture this is shrek!


...and it faded again when I got home. *sigh*...


Hi, Faye and thank you. (I'll have you know that I was very proud of how dark my arms were!! )


Hee hee...look at those Canadian tans! Happy happy year, Michelle!


Oh, Sweetie!! That was a great day during time-out vacation, wasn't it? Thank you so much for remembering my birthday and being part of some of my best memories, my dear friend. Wonder what hubby and I are looking at so intently? Probably sinking into that wonderful soft, white sand.