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"WHO AM I?" GAME 1522 (result)

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The correct answer is ***** PAUL MICHAEL GLASER *****

Paul Michael Glaser is an American actor and director. He is best known for his portrayal of 'Detective Dave Starsky' in the TV police series "Starsky & Hutch" (1975-1979). Although predominantly working on TV he has also acted in and directed a small number of feature films.
After his first wife, Elizabeth's death in 1994 from AIDS he served as chairman of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation until 2002. She co-founded the foundation after 2 of their 3 children were found to be HIV+ and their daughter Ariel died in 1988. Elizabeth had contracted the virus through an infected blood transfusion during childbirth in 1981but did not find out for 4 years. He maintains his links to the charity continues as Honorary Chairman with fund raising campaigns.
In addition to this and his stage a stage, TV and film work, he is also an avid photographer, artist and writes poetry.

BIRTH NAME: Paul Manfred Glaser
PROFESSIONALLY KNOWN AS: Paul Michael Glaser from 1974.
(His early credited appearances were under the name of Paul M. Glaser, Paul Manfred and Michael Glaser)

BORN: March 25, 1943 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
Born into an artistic and creative family Glaser is the youngest of 3 children (he has 2 older sisters). Through his parents interests he was inspired by the theatre, museums, gallery art and classical music. Growing up he enjoyed drawing and painting and was encouraged by his parents to explore his creative talents. This led to his involvement in theatre production and acting.

EDUCATION: Privately educated as a day pupil.
(pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade)Browne & Nichols School, Cambridge, Massachusetts until 1961 when he transferred to The Cambridge School of Weston, Massachusetts from where he graduated in the same year
Tulane University in New Orleans graduated with a BA in Theatre and English
School of Fine Arts at Boston University graduating in 1967 with a Masters Degree in Theatre Arts.
While at university, in 1964, he flew out to the UK to take additional drama classes at LAMDA and RADA. He also visited a number of English theatres, Stratford among them, to experience performances by some of the top English actors including Sir Laurence Olivier and Dame Peggy Ashcroft

CAREER . . .
THEATRE DEBUT: "Amahl and the Night Visitors" circa 1957 when he was 14. Presumably an amateur school production. (I could find no extra details)
After University he acted in 'summer stock' before moving to New York to start his professional career.
PROFESSIONAL DEBUT: December 26 1967-February 11 1968 in "Hamlet" as a guard (credited as Paul M. Glaser) at the Anspacher Theater, New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theatre, 425 Lafyette Street, New York. The production was staged by producer and director Joseph Papp and this Off-Broadway avant-garde version (with incidental rock music) starred Martin Sheen as 'Hamlet' and Ralph Waite as 'Claudius' (later in the TV series "The Waltons" as 'John Snr').
Not to be confused with the rock musical "Rockabye Hamlet" cited by many sites . . . it didn't premiere until Dec 1973.
After this he appeared in a number of Off-Broadway and Broadway productions . . . he made his Broadway debut at the Royale Theatre, New York. in "The Man in the Glass Booth" starring Donald Pleasance. He was one of the original cast as 'Steiger' opening on Sep 26, 1968 and the following year was in the original Broadway cast of " Butterflies Are Free" as Ralph Austin (opening Oct 21, 1969).
A frequent visitor to the UK he has appeared on stage in pantomimes
and in 2013 he appeared again in "Fiddler on the Roof" but this time in the lead role as 'Tevye', the role performed by Topol in the 1971 film version (Glaser's film debut). The UK stage production embarked on a national tour opening on 5 Sep 2013 in Southampton before eventually closing in Eastbourne on 10 May 2014 having spent up to a week in 24 theatres around the UK

DEBUT: 11 December 1967 as 'Noel' in the in the TV drama series "The Doctors" (1963–1982). Although he played the character up to June 1968 in 7 episodes he was not given an acting credit. Taking a brief break from TV to make his first films he returned in the early 1970s making guest appearances in already established series including "Cannon", "The Streets of San Francisco", "The Waltons", "Kojak" and "The Rockford Files".
BREAKTHROUGH: 30 April 1975 "Starsky and Hutch" the US police series in which he starred as 'Det. Dave Starsky' alongside David Soul as 'Det. Hutch Hutchinson'. The series ran from 1975 to 1979 and made the 2 actors worldwide stars. In 1977 Glaser made his directorial debut on the series and went on to direct several other episodes of the series run including the series finale in 1979. He continues to work on TV making guest appearances in both series and 'made for TV' films and the occasional recurring character but since 2010 has concentrated more on directing including episodes of "Miami Vice" (the original 1980s series), "Third Watch" and "Las Vegas".

DEBUT: 3 November 1971 "Fiddler on the Roof". Credited as Michael Glaser he played 'Perchik' in this musical starring Topol.
For his next film he reprised the role he'd previously played on Broadway, 'Ralph' in the film adaptation of "Butterflies Are Free" (1972) starring Goldie Hawn. His other acting credits in feature films are "Phobia" (1980), "F-Stops" (2001) and "Live!" (2007)
He has also directed several films including "The Running Man" (1987) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger but his TV work dominates his career.

He married Elizabeth (née Meyer) on August 24 1980 and had 3 children. They remained together until her death on December 3 1994.

In 1996 he married Tracy Barone and they had 1 child. The couple divorced in 2007.

In May 1976 the toy company, Mego, launched a launched a 12 ¼" celebrity doll line to compete directly with Mattel's "Barbie". The first dolls produced were Sonny and Cher. The Cher doll became the highest selling doll of 1976 and they went on to produce other versions of Cher in 1977 and 1978. The same year they produced a 12 ¼" version of Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul with several other celebrities. If you happen to have on they can sell for good money on E-Bay.
The company had already been producing smaller 8" action figures from TV series including Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul as "Starsky and Hutch" in 1974 . . . don't worry "Huggy Bear" wasn't left out . . . ;-)
In 1976

. . . and the winner is BARBARAL who gave the correct answer on 27th Jan 2021 @12:31on the 5th and final pic . . . ;-)

Happy Dance . . .


Here is the full series of pictures together with the original image. Editorial credit: Alan Davidson/​Shutterstock (photo)
All twangs (ie distortions/morphs/alterations etc) are down to me, my PC and some ancient software . . . :D)
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Congratulations, Barbara :))


So sorry @peasterberg . . . I must have had a lapse of concentration . . . it looks like I forgot to tag harmony's name. I have put your name back on the list. I'm so pleased that you are enjoying the game and making friends . . . ;-)

As requested I have removed your name from my tag list but please feel free to join in at any time . . . I have made a note not to include you in future lists . . . happy puzzling . . . ;-


Glad you're having fun @peasterberg !


@Trouble_and_Frog Su, just making sure you see peasterberg's comment below. :)


Please put me back on! It was Harmony8 who asked to be removed.


I thought that might be the case @peasterberg but mentioned it just in case . . . ;-)
Thank you for your participation and your comment on the game.
As requested I have removed your name from my tag list but please feel free to join in at any time . . . I have made a note not to include you in future lists . . . happy puzzling . . . ;-)


Barbara, Way too go!!! Congratulations, on your win! :-) Allison


WOW -- WOW -- WOW, Froggy !!
And congrats, Barbara!


Congrats BarbaraL!


Congratulations, Barbara! :)))


Thank you for putting me on! (Your list!)

Yes, I knew that my "Starsky" answer was late and unacceptable, since it is a character name, not the actor's name. I just wanted to play off Barbara's answer, as Starsky's the only character I remember him play.

I really enjoy your quizzes!


Well done, Barbara - congratulations!! :-))


Congrats, BarbaraL!


Congratulations, Barbara!


Congratulations Barbara.


Well done, Barbara. :)


Congratulations, BarbaraL :))


Thank you, it's been a while since I won.


Congratulations BarbaraL :-)


Congrats Barbara!!!


Congratulations officially Barbara! :)

Thanks for the puzzles and the tag, Trouble. I do wish to ask you to remove my tag, however. Thanks!


Hi everyone . . . back to normal . . . we have a winner! Well done Barbara . . . ;-)
lol Donna . . . at least the stretched nose in the early morphs managed to foil you. Thank you for finding a photo link and for your commiserations . . . ;-)

Hi @peasterberg . . . welcome to my little game. Unfortunately your answer came in too late as someone had already given the right answer. I wouldn't have been able to accept the 'character' name of 'Starsky' as the role has been played by more than one actor . . . in this case Ben Stiller in the 2004 film version. I do hope this is the first of many visits from you . . . ;-)
I have taken the liberty of putting your name on my 'tag list' so that you will receive notifications whenever I post a game RESULT. If you do not want to receive these please let me know so that I can remove it.

TITTER LIST . . . my top 3 predictions of incorrect answers
#1 Steven Spielberg . . . Jeffro [23 Jan @13:39]
#2 Judd Hirsch . . . Fran [23 Jan @15:54]
#3 Kurt Russell . . . Mike [24 Jan @15:40]

1. Adam Savage
2. Alan Alda
3. Albert Einstein
4. Andy Serkis
5. Anthony Hopkins
6. Antonio Banderas
7. Benicio Del Toro
8. Bill Murray
9. Billy Connolly
10. Billy Crystal
11. Bob Dylan
12. Bob Hoskins
13. Brad Dourif
14. Brad Pitt
15. Bradley Cooper
16. Bradley Whitford
17. Bryan Cranston
18. Cary Grant
19. Chris Pine
20. Christoph Waltz
21. Colin Firth
22. Damian Lewis
23. Daniel Day-Lewis
24. Danny Devito
25. Dave Broadfoot
26. Dave Brubeck
27. David Fincher
28. David Keith
29. Dennis Hopper
30. Dennis Miller
31. Don Henley
32. Eddie Marsan
33. Elliott Gould
34. Eric Clapton
35. Ethan Hawke
36. Eugene Levy
37. Ewan McGregor
38. Gary Oldman
39. Gene Hackman
40. Gene Wilder
41. George Carlin
42. George Clooney
43. George Lucas
44. Gerald Butler
45. Geraldo Rivera
46. Gordon Lightfoot
47. Guillermo del Toro
48. Hal Linden
49. Harold Gould
50. Harrison Ford
51. Harvey Keitel
52. Henry Winkler
53. Hugh Laurie
54. Ian McKellen
55. Ian McShane
56. Jack Black
57. Jack Nicholson
58. Jamie Bell
59. Jeff Bridges
60. Jeff Goldblum
61. Jeffrey Dean Morgan
62. Jeremy Piven
63. Jerry Garcia
64. Jim Broadbent
65. Jim Carrey
66. Joaquin Phoenix
67. Joe Manganiello
68. Joel Edgerton
69. John Goodman
70. John Lennon
71. John Mills
72. Johnny Depp
73. Jon Hamm
74. Jonathan Goldsmith
75. Jonathan Pryce
76. Josh Duhamel
77. Judd Hirsch*
78. Jude Law
79. Kelsey Grammer
80. Kevin Kline
81. Kris Kristofferson
82. Kurt Russell*
83. Liam Neeson
84. Maarten van Rossum
85. Mandy Patinkin
86. Marc Maron
87. Marc Ruffalo
88. Mark Hamilll
89. Martin Landau
90. Mel Gibson
91. Michael Caine
92. Michael Douglas
93. Michael Gross
94. Michael McDonald
95. Michael Sheen
96. Milton Berle
97. Mr Ed
98. Neil Gaiman
99. Nick Nolte
100. Oscar Isaac
101. Owen Wilson
102. Phil Collins
103. Philip Seymour Hoffman
104. Pierce Brosnan
105. Richard Dreyfuss
106. Richard Gere
107. Richard Harris
108. Robert De Niro
109. Robert Downey Jr.
110. Robert Plant
111. Robin Williams
112. Rod Steiger
113. Roger Daltrey
114. Ron Perlman
115. Rufus Sewell
116. Russell Crowe
117. Ryan Reynolds
118. Sam Jaffe
119. Sam Shepard
120. Sean Connery
121. Sean Penn
122. Seth Rogan
123. Sonny Bono
124. Stanley Tucci
125. Stephen King
126. Steve Buscemi
127. Steve Carrell
128. Steve Coogan
129. Steve Jobs
130. Steven Spielberg*
131. Ted Danson
132. Tom Cruise
133. Tom Hanks
134. Tom Hulce
135. Tommy Lee Jones
136. Victor French
137. Vincent Cassel
138. Will Farrell
139. Willem Dafoe
140. William H. Macy
141. Woody Allen
I have set up and hope to maintain a tag list to call players to the result once posted. If for any reason you don't want to be on the list please let me know. Additionally if you want to be added to the list because I have overlooked you (sorry) or you just enjoy solving the puzzles or browsing the comments and pictures posted in the game again let me know . . . :-)
I will automatically add any new player's name to the list . . . :-)

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