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A vintage, European door knocker . .

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A hand & fruit door knocker
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  1. Hasli1:11
  2. auntmom71:19
  3. JillianB1:25
  4. Ianto1:30
  5. kadeeken1:32
  6. kineta1:36
  7. Chris76de1:38
  8. srk7771:41
  9. Deenya1:47
  10. downonthefarm1:47


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Thank you, I appreciate your comment and glad you worked my knocker puzzle :) I just sat down a few minutes ago to catch up on your delightful puzzles from the last two days🧩
Hmm, I notice that I forgot to add a title, I’ll take of that🤭


Lovely old door knocker @Teagardener... lots of staining from polishing it over the years.


Yeap, it’s definitely a conversation piece!
Thank you Donna :)


Now this is clever and so beautiful. I wonder if the rest of the arm is on the inside of the door? The crook of the elbow could be the "handle" of the door. (See how easily distracted I can get?)


@Nicepeach2 G’morning Mary . . I absolutely feel the same way :) Have a good, a very good Wednesday!


@Teagardener, thank you for your comments. I had stopped putting any puzzles online, but have recently done a few. Jigidi is so interesting, because you are not only entertained, there is education and most of all meet very nice people.


@Nicepeach2 Good morning Mary, thank you for the kind compliment, I’m happy you liked it :) I enjoyed reading your profile a few minutes ago. I noticed what we have in common . . we’ve traveled to Ireland, the love of gardens and TN ! Later today I’ll have fun working some of your flower puzzles :)


I agree with all the comments of this puzzle. It is very interesting and appealing , very unique. Plus, I like it.! Thanks, Mary


I looked again, the new hand puzzle is one of my photos :) I think you’ll enjoy it Linda !


Hi Linda, I’m glad you like these hand knockers! Some have intricate lacy around the wrist and I’ve seen a few with rings. I have an interesting photo (that’s not mine), let me see if I can figure out how to post it. I noticed a number of these knockers in Ireland, who knows, they may have a British history . . I’ll have a bit of fun and research its origins. Have a nice 1st day of the year :)


Tea. In all my years I have never seen such a quaint door knocker. How totally clever the bronze artist was to create this design. or was it the home owner who requested it? , and I thought I had seen it all!! Thanks for posting it Linda


Thank you Raaike for working it, I’m happy you like this unique knocker :)


Teagardener, Very nice this door knocker ! :-))) ♥


Oh how fascinating, don’t recall having seen one before. Thanks Tea. Though definitely do remember the skeleton of a real hand hanging from the rafter of a very old church we went into in Europe. Apparently the person stole something and this was his punishment and hung there to deter others! Really gross.


That would be too much fun Chris :)

Nice knocker - and on Halloween you can change it to a "real" hand. :)


Thank you, yeah . . I think the hand knockers are my favorites :)


Very interesting door knocker. Happy New Year.


G’morning Larry! “Morning Smile”, that’s pleasant words :) I especially like the hand knockers and saw several in Ireland and a few European countries I visited. Some were adorned with a ring and / or lace around the wrist :) Thank you for working it !


Good morning Tea!

Thanks for the morning smile! Love this one.

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