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Rambo is resting

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540 pieces
20 solves
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  1. lolysima2:39:28
  2. Boju3:09:51
  3. Fragro3:19:27
  4. mrpuzzle3:56:35
  5. ewaewa14:05:31
  6. furka4:43:42
  7. luisa775:23:01
  8. Mrs_Quinn_Eskimo5:42:00
  9. donnawrae5:53:39
  10. privetje6:35:18


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He is a really sweet boy, Mrs_Quinn - very gentle, very soft-hearted. But never EVER 100% trusting, always a bit unsure, when we cuddle him ..... although we have him for 9 years now (rescued him at the age of 3) and reassure him EVERY day that we love him and nothing bad will ever happen to him (again) as long as he is with us :-))
How that woman, from whom we got him (because she fell in love with a guy who was "allergic to cats", so Rambo had to go .... !!!!) is beyond me !!!!


I worked on this puzzle off and on for three days it was a challenge but lots of fun. Rambo is adorable.


You want me to put it up in a smaller size ? Just holler :-)

I don't have enough patience to solve a puzzle this size, but he's a darling.