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Theme: Home - Aerial View on a Foggy Day

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That sounds wonderful! We have a huge police force, and the taxes that go along with it. Most of the towns around us have chosen to give up their force and rely on the state police, which is the most sensible and inexpensive approach, but this town refuses to follow their lead. We are not exactly a hotbed of criminal activity, believe me, so I have no idea why we need this expense... Sorry for the soapbox! Thanks again, Cheryl!


Thanks, you are more than welcome, Pat. We have no store at all though there is a little store about four miles down this road (towards the bottom of the photo here). We have a gas station and auto repair and the headquarters of the little community nonprofit that I co-founded that includes a tiny library and a hostel, our town office, town center where we have community dinners, Town Meeting, and part of our free summer camp for children. We have no police, not even a constable.


Ooooooh, lovely! An aerial view of my town would have K-Mart and Walmart and lots of gas stations......This is beautiful, Cheryl! Thanks for sharing it!


You are more than welcome Jill! Thanks for your comment. Be well.


Breathtaking, Cheryl!! Thanks so much for sharing!