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Perseid Meteor Shower

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Copyright Jenny Woody Ragland 12Aug15
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  1. tugman2212:02
  2. Jaryna2312:39
  3. cilycoed13:17
  4. skpy13:27
  5. lbtsnjb13:31
  6. katwoody9914:24
  7. ibeeducky15:33
  8. PuzzleMac17:43
  9. Zatoichicat20:06


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how beautiful and so precious xxxx ♥♥♥♥ look at the puzzles i have just done in memory of my beautiful mom ♫ spaklies/brightpark and sparklightie xxx and may some of them bring you some comfort too ☺


Thank you so very much, Michelle! Your heart speaks to me through your sweet words, and it means so much to me! We were indeed blessed to spend so much time - those memories will live forever. In fact, she was able to tell my Dad that she would love him forever, and that he would live in her heart forever. It was the most precious moment: deeply sad and poignant, yet also affirming - and we have been able to remind Dad of that many times already! Hugs back!!


dear katwoody - heartfelt sympathy to you on the loss of your precious mom - i know it is so difficult and its truly a blessing that you were able to spend so much time with her - she will always be with you and your dad -in your hearts and in your soul - god bless and sending you much love and hugs ♥♥♥



I am holding my own :-)
remember to take time for yourself
I do hope this yea will bring you only good things,


Beautifully expressed, dear friend - and I will remember these words! And I continue to remember your invitation to reach out by email; I came close to doing so a number of times. The course of Mom's illness never allowed it; it was a real roller coaster. Just knowing you were there was a help.

And how are you? Are you managing your health challenges?

Hi Katy,
Any time you want/need a shoulder I'm here - just email me or leave a message on Jigidi-
I do hope your father is able to recover from the loss of his sweetheart .
Stay positive and remember - Carpe Diem - take each day as it comes.
your friend,


Hi, dear Pat! Merry Christmas to you, too!

I only got back on Jigidi yesterday, to find John's special puzzle for me. Mom passed away last week after a very intense few weeks. I think I'm still quite numb, as I was with her almost around the clock. I will always the special times we had together these past 2+ years, and even though I knew how severe her condition was, I continued to believe she had one more rally left. Now, in retrospect, we see how long she had actually been beating the odds. She was at peace, knowing her time was coming. I am most worried for my Dad; they were sweethearts to the very end and he is heartbroken. I'm still his roommate, at least for a while, and I have my work to get back to, so I know better days are ahead. Thanks for being there. :-)

Merry Christmas Katy.
Lets hope 2016 brings good things to us all.
your friend,


you are kidding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done to you brave brave guys and gals - i salute you for doing this one xxx


LOL John! :-))


Thanks Phyllis! I don't post many :-)


Dobře řečeno, Jarnya23 - Děkuji moc !!

Tajemný Vesmír - kouzelná fotografie díky Jaryna23


Thank you Kate, it's a while since I did a puzzle of yours.


Thanks, Kate. I'm glad that it wasn't a Tugman version!! ;-))

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