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Second Continuation of John's Virtual Birthday Party. All Are Welcome. (Apr20P10)

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“I want to be the best version of myself
for anyone who is going to someday walk into my life
and need someone to love them beyond reason.”
- Jennifer Elisabeth

It is now Virtual Time 11am, 4 April 2020.

We have just finished our selection of our favourite chocolates at Patisserie Henri Auer.

We will now walk towards La Promenade des Anglais where a gift from Bubble to celebrate John's birthday will await us. When we reach this wide promenade that runs along the coast on one side, with restaurants, shops and hotels on the other side, we will come across a sight to behold - a carriage with 6 white Arabian stallions waiting patiently for us :-))) More photo taking opportunities.

We will take turns to have a carriage ride along the 7 kilometers of the Promenade. The carriage will return to pick up the rest of our friends who will be seated at one of the sidewalk cafés, sipping cool drinks, chatting happily with friends or watching the crowd at the Promenade.

Once everyone has enjoyed their ride on the carriage, our Magic Carpets will fly us to one of the 2 Stars Michelin restaurants in Nice where we will have our lunch. Just order whatever you like from the menu or ask the Maître d'hôtel for recommendations. Enjoy. The food is great and so is the wine. Remember, the Virtual Organiser will be sponsoring our lunch and he told me that all of you can just have anything that you fancy on the menu. Special orders will also be gladly obliged.

This will usually not take place in a restaurant, however, since it is a virtual one, anything is possible and will be obliged as long as it is a good thing. Well, Bubble had baked some fantastic desserts for us, so I have arranged with the Maître d'hôtel to have them displayed on a table at one of the corners of the restaurant. He mentioned quickly to me that the restaurant has wonderful desserts, too and that John's guests should try them. I think that we should, too. John and I are very keen to try some French desserts :-)

Well, now at the display table are :

"Pavlova cakes with various berries and exotic fruits, light cheese cakes some with chocolate, caramel or fruit toppings, syllabubs with fruit flavours and parfaits, layers of jello, custard and fruits. There is whipped cream and chocolate shavings on some of them. There is also a huge chocolate fountain, and a sorbet and gelato bar with 50 flavours."

My friends, we are indeed being spoilt. Let us continue to enjoy :-)

I will inform you (in real time, a few days later) of the activities for the afternoon of 4 April 2020.
Just "stay tune in" to my puzzle page :-0

This puzzle is posted in one size only - 12 pieces.

I hope that you have a wonderful time at this virtual party and will enjoy piecing this puzzle together.

Jason :-)

For new comers to this virtual party, the 2 previous party puzzles are located at :

Puzzles for the continuation of this April 2020 Virtual Birthday Party for John are located at

PS : As this is a birthday puzzle, please keep all comments positive and auspicious (as I am superstitious when it comes to birthdays - especially, please do not mention or write anything that has to do with the opposite of being healthy, alive, well or living). Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

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Oh Rita, it is so wonderful to hear that you are enjoying the party.

Yes, all our friends love the carriage ride. They were treated like royalty as they take in the lovely sight of Nice.

Sounds like you had a yummy dessert. It was kind of you to share your bottle of French wine with some friends. Sharing makes food and wine taste better.

Friendship Smiles,

Back again, Jason! The carriage ride along the Promenade was heavenly. Nice is such a beautiful city.
I had a piece of cheesecake for dessert with caramel sauce and chocolate shavings. Yum.
Also shared a bottle of Sancerre with some friends. Wonderful times.


I am always glad to see and to hear from you, Iris :-)

You are most welcome. You have been a wonderful guest at the party and a great friend, too. Thank you for making the virtual birthday party for John comes alive :-)

And also, thank you for the lovely birthday card that you have drawn for John. He likes it :-)

Summer coming soon. Glad that you are having lots of outdoor activities in your garden.

Smiles of Summer Round The Corner,
Jason and John :-))


Thank you again for the wonderful vacation. It has been wonderful seeing new places and sharing the joy with wonderful friends. The days have warmed and my outdoor chores are taking much of my time now. Just had to pop in and say hello again!☺


It is fine, Bubble. No worries.

You and your hubby are already at this party. That is all that matters.

John's birthday party puzzles (5 of them) will be the last individual virtual birthday party that I will organise, draw and create. I will just concentrate on drawing one puzzle a month, on the first of every month.

Thank you for your virtual birthday gifts for John :-) They were great.

Keep safe and be well.

Happy Smiles,
Jason and John :-))



Dear Jason,
You won't believe it but I've just found this puzzle !! It must have been hiding somewhere. The party is over but the memories live forever and I'm so glad everyone had such a marvellous time. The summer will soon be here and times can only get better.

Take care, you and John are two very special people xx ꓚꔚꓛ


I love to spoil John at his virtual birthday parties and I love all of you, my dear friends,
to have a great time, too :-)

Jason :-)


Oh Jason you are truly spoiling us and dear John too ☺☺☺☺ THX


Dear Friends and Jigidiers,

I have just posted another puzzle to feature the afternoon activities for John's virtual birthday party.

It is located at :


I know that you will be kind and obliging enough to organise such a trip, Iris :-))

Many friends will be joining you and more gems and treasures will be discovered along the way. The best of which is True Friendship :-)))

Smiles of Sincerity,
Jason and John :-))


I will be headed back to the delightful bookstore and all avid readers shall come too! They also sell postcards that are fun to send folks by old fashioned snail mail.☺


Hello Julie,

I am happy to welcome you to the continuation of John's virtual birthday party.
Another friend who knows how to enjoy virtual fun - fantastic :-)

Ah, virtual food, the only time when we can eat to our heart's content
and still feel and look good :-0

Smiles for More Like-Minded Friends,
Jason and John :-))


Jason & John,
you really know how to throw a party.
All fun, no danger or calories.
And a gorgeous venue.
Thanks, julie.


Dear Nancy,

First of all, John and I would like to welcome you to the afternoon activities :-)

I have a slight weakness for French desserts.

I am sure that Iris will love to show you the vintage bookshop that she has discovered on her exploration of the old town of Nice.

I love how you two ladies know how to enjoy my virtual parties - exactly the kind of friends and guests whom I welcome and love. Just keeping to the way that I like to run things at my own puzzle page so that my plans for the party can go undisrupted.

Do feel free to drop by whenever you have the time to check out the activities at my next puzzle for John - coming soon. Hint - I painted the next puzzle (just like I painted this one).

Smiles for a Beloved Friend and Guest,

PS : John said that he would like to escort you and Iris to the antique bookshop.


Dear Jason & John, Sorry I'm late to the afternoon festivities!! Took a short nap in my hotel room:)) The lunch smells heavenly and I am looking forward to my favorite french pastry - a chocolate eclair! And I simply must try one (or 2 since there are no calories) of Bubble's cakes! I am reading Russian History at the moment so a cake named after Anna Pavlova is appropriate.
After I eat, maybe Iris will show me that wonderful bookstore she found...I am quite addicted to books :-))
This is such a wonderful venue you have chosen for John's party and I see he is having a grand time as we all are. Thank you so much for making us all a part of it!! We know it is a work of love as all good things are.
There is no need to hurry, Jason, and wear yourself out. There is plenty still to do here and your friends will be here when you want us to be!!
A toast to Jason and John****


Dear Friends and Jigidiers,

Do remember to come back to Nice for another adventure that I have planned for all of you.

There will be 2 more virtual party puzzles for John after this one featured here. After that, I will probably take John's advice and will not be creating and posting anymore individual virtual birthday parties.


Dear Jason and John thx for a never ending Funtabulous Party ☺ You are All invited for a ride on my magic carpet that will take you to all Jason's exciting destinations where we can all enjoy ourselves xx @brightspark xxx


Oh Iris, you have definitely stumbled upon a treasure :-)

Adventures on the streets on Nice is paying off for you :-)

Off the beaten path is often the best with lots of hidden gems :-)

Smiles of Treasures,
Jason and John.


Continuing to have tons of fun with this vacation adventure. One moment becomes more magical than the next. My favorite part of today was finding an almost hidden vintage book shop. The shop was willing to ship my finds to Ohio and were very reasonable on postage costs! One of my finds was a book featuring Monet's wonderful paintings☺


I do have good news :-))

I will let John tell you all about it at the puzzle where he will thank all of you, dear friends, who are attending his virtual birthday party and who have prayed for him during his time of need - either one or two puzzles from this one - depending on how I am managing :-0

My apologies for keeping you waiting.

Smile of Good News,


Jascon, how did John do on his driving test?



John and I would definitely love to dance with you :-))

No worries, no one is ever tired on a virtual trip or at a virtual party. Remember, we do not have any pains or aches of the real world. We are full of life and energy and are very healthy and well, too :-)

Smiling at Virtual Goodness,
Jason and John :-))


Friends, I hope I can dance with you, of course, if you're not tired. Please at least one dance.
Thank you for the compliment, Jason.
You're a real master ♥
I bought new shoes. I have to try them. I hope they won't push me ☺
Greetings to you both ♥



I am happy to have brought a smile to your lovely face :-)

Yes, your outfit was beautiful. John like it. Did you noticed that some tourists were taking photos of you?

Yes, Irena, you will have a wonderful time dancing at the ballroom function which is an event coming up just before this virtual trip ends.

Smiles for a Lovely Lady,
Jason and John :-))


Dear Chelsey and Chelsey,

I am glad that both of you have enjoyed the ride on the carriage. It was a very pleasant and enjoyable ride for all of us as there was a light breeze, the sunshine was warm and the colours of the sea was a perfect azure.

Chelsey was the darling of the lunch party.

John and I could not leave the restaurant without ordering some of their famous French desserts.

Smiles for Chelsey and Chelsey,
Jason and John :-))


Dear Jason,

You amused me very much ☺ You created a smile on my face. Thank you for that ☺ I look forward to the next adventure and program.
Thank you for the praise of my ceremonial outfit. I married them in honor of John's birthday.
Have a nice day and evening ... the celebration continues.
Keep me on the dance floor.
Greetings to you and John.


We enjoyed a carriage ride and I took a lot of beautiful photos. The lunch was just perfect and so was Pavlova cake. I want to thank the staff of the restaurant, they surprised Chelsey with a bowl of wonderful treats. We are going to take a little rest and we"ll see you again this afternoon. Thank you, Jason.


Hello Taunteanna, welcome to the virtual birthday party that I organise for my best friend, John :-)

I am very happy to know that you have enjoyed it :-)

I love to share happy occasions with friends.

Smiles of Warm Friendships,
Jason and John :-)


How wonderful this is! Enchanting and magical. Thank you for sharing with us.


Countess Irena,

I am so happy that you have enjoyed your carriage ride. Indeed you do look and carry yourself like a Countess - so regal and elegant. You have good taste in clothes and accessories, too.

I am delighted that lunch at the 2 Stars Michelin restaurant has met with your approval :-))

The Maître d'hôtel pulled me aside and asked if you are related to some European royalties and he kept on looking at you with admiration in his eyes.

Smiles of Being Among Royalties,
Jason and John :-))


Solid, I am feeling spoilt, too. And, John is feeling even more spoilt :-0

I guess, for John and me, virtual parties like this one, is the only place where both of us can be thoroughly spoilt - travel with our friends from Jigidiland. Then, despite enjoying all the virtual food and drinks still remain absolutely sober and not put on an extra kilo or pound. And, of course, there is the company of our trusty Magic Carpets flying us safely to anywhere that we want.

Smiles of Virtual Dreams,
Jason and John :-))


Cyndi, thank you letting me know that you like this simple painting :-)

Yes, let us party on :-)

Party Smiles,
Jason and John :-))


I really enjoyed my journey in a horse-drawn carriage. I felt like a countess ... LOL. Lunch and desserts were excellent. Thank you so much for your meal. And Pavlov's desserts merely melted on the tongue. I liked it the most with lavender flavor and strawberry.
Thank you very much to the main organizer and birthday party for a great day...Irena


WOW!!! Spoiled, indeed :0)


Love this picture. Party on!


Excellent, Clive. Great to see that you are continuing to enjoy this party :-)

Party Smiles,
Jason and John :-))


Lorna, I am delighted to see you enjoying yourself at this virtual party that I am hosting for John. John is also happy to see that you are having a good time.

It is good to be spoilt - once in a while. So this is the occasion :-0

La vie est belle.

Beautiful Smiles :-)
Jason and John :-))


Yes, John & Jason still enjoying the party.


Oh wow! The stallions are magnificent, the café is charming and such great company to be had too with all our fellow jigidiers. And oh my goodness, the food.... not to mention the excellent wine. How can I possibly choose dessert with so much choice available? What a fantastic day, and Jason you are the master of party organisation! I'm sure John continues to be wowed by the lavish party you have arranged; I know I am! Thank you. ☺


Julie, that is the spirit of virtual parties - to bring some joy and fun - anytime, especially when real life may not be that great at certain times.

I am happy to be your host at this party :-)

Smiles at Being a Host at Virtual Parties,
Jason and John :-))


Irene, I am pleased that you have enjoyed the carriage ride. It kind of make me feel that my friends are royalties and I am in the carriage with them riding along the Promenade. All the people at the beach and along the road were looking at us and wondering why there is a carriage drawn by 6 magnifiicent horses in Nice. Some of them started checking their tourist information booklet to see how they can book such a ride.

The Arab Stallions are very friendly and they all loved to be photographed.

Irene, you are a connoisseur of food and wine, as well as art. Nice is a good place to start. We toast to your good health, à Votre Santé.

Smiles and Cheers,
Jason and John :-))


Thanks for hosting. Things have been grim lately. John's party is a nice change.


Excellent, I was hoping the party would continue.The Arab Stallions are stunning and gave us a wonderful smooth ride along the promenade.
I think I will choose Le Chantecler as the Crab canelloni, long turnip and wazabi mayonnaise looks rather appealing with a glass of Sancerre, I raise my glass to you both, Jason and John. I love the look of Bubbles deserts, though I think it's to be the Pavlova cakes. ♥


Robin, I am happy that you like this little "painting" :-)

Yes, I like my virtual birthday parties to have lots of fun and food :-)

Happy Easter to you and your family.

Smiles of Virtual Fun and Food,
Jason and John :-))


It is so wonderful to hear that you are having a great time at this virtual party, Sarah.

Please continue to enjoy yourself. You are among many friends here.

More party fun will follow (in real time, in a few days' time).

Smiles of Having A Great Time Together,
Jason and John :-))


This is a really pretty picture to go with lots more fun and food. Greetings to you both. We are celebrating Easter here, I guess your's is ending now. Sleep well tonight. :)


Having a great time at the party!!!!

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