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Another byrd.

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I got one on the wing for you photogent. If you look closely you just might catch a look at him. Check it out. Nellies


Well the house sparrows here are in for a big surprise in the Spring. Just wait! I have a plan. heh heh


House sparrows kill everything. They kicked my barn swallow chicks out of the nest so they could use it. Well we are down tow house sparrows but the barn swallows never returned and that was two years ago. We had them for years prior to that.


Well, maybe a house sparrow. They kill my bluebirds.


McChickster you would do that to the poor bird.
Thank you Robbie I know you would not throw a rock at a bird a cat maybe but a bird never.
Patti all the things you heron these birds is true. You cannot see them where you live because you live too close to Santa just like we do not see Arctic Foxes.


I would never throw a rock at a bird Robbie. I meant in front of it to stir things up.


Not at the bird chickie.........only humans!! Another nice shot PG, thanks.


I keep "heron" about these byrds! Fun to see one!


Do like Robbie and throw rocks.


LJ I do not think this Admiral will get very close to the ice sheets.
Yes chickster it was a fun day and I got in a good walkabout.
Thank you YG.
He would not move Pat no matter how I moved or made noise. I was trying to get him on the wing.


As in Admiral??


Love this. You had a great day for photographing. ( :

They are so very graceful, blue herons. . . it can't be easy to capture serenity, you come through every time :)))


Love the panorama view. He is a handsome fellow isn't he....